Monday, September 3, 2012


Up early to get our last day at the beach started. Daughter is leaving around lunch today so we hit the beach at 9:30 to get the fun started.
The tide was high so the waves were high and hard.
Aunt T, daddy and pawpaw  took turns with g-son out in the water.

He got a new pair of goggles hoping that they would keep the salty water out of his eyes.

Daughter and I took a long walk down the beach for our daily exercise. If I lived on the beach I think I would have no trouble getting my exercise. I love walking on the beach and watching the waves break on shore.

G-son found his new friend from yesterday,Rider, and they played together for a while.
One of the few times he came out of the water and sat down to rest.

About lunch time he finally got tired and we came back to the house for lunch and to see daughter off.
I hate for her to travel alone but she has done it many times and she has Tipper her dog for company.
After resting awhile after lunch hubbie and I went for a walk on the beach at low tide.

 The beach is really wide at this time so we went back to get g-son so he could ride his boogie board on these small waves.

While hubbie,#1 son and g-son played on the beach d-in-love and I went to pick up our take out supper from a little cafe on the island.
It is unbelievable how this island has cleared out in just one day. It almost looks like a ghost town this evening.
Daughter called and was safely home,thank you Lord, with no trouble and in only a little over 5 hours.
Talked to #2 son and he said it had rained there all day today.
We feel so fortunate to have had 3 wonderfully sunny days while we were here.
Hubbie and son went to the pier for a last fishing expedition and d-in-love,g-son and I went shopping at a beach shop and Walgreens. I needed to replace 2 beach chairs that broke this weekend. Some of our chairs are several years old and are breaking from all the salt and sand over the years.
On our way back we stopped at the pier to see what the guys were catching. Son caught 3 fish while we were there, a couple of Mullet and an ugly toad fish. Hubbie had caught only 1 small mullet before we arrived.
Back at the house I blogged and then started packing our things.
I am ready to go home this time for some reason. Usually I hate to see the week come to an end.
I have missed being on the ocean front, seeing the sunsets and watching the birds. This house has no views at all except what the neighbors are doing.
It has been a relaxing 3 days and tonight I pray for God's loving,protective arms as we travel home tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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