Sunday, September 16, 2012


Did chores in a light mist of rain this morning. We are expecting some heavy rains in the coming days.
I went to church early this morning to meet a friend who was bringing some fresh cut flowers from her yard for a bouquet for the communion table and she wanted me to arrange them.
They were beautiful and I have no idea why I didn't take a pic !
G-son came into the sanctuary to wait for children's church to begin. This will be his first day, children's church is for kids from 6 years old to 6th grade.
We ordained a new deacon and had 2 new members join the church this morning,glory be to God !
Everyone made it to lunch,we had pork roast,fresh green beans,mashed potatoes,creamed corn,
steamed okra, slaw and left over spinach salad.
Soon after we ate everyone went their own ways on this lazy,rainy Sunday afternoon. Hubbie and I went over to check out the 1/2 price day at the estate sale. We ended up buying a dog lot and had to come home and get the truck to haul it home in. I can use it up in the garden after the vegetables are all gone and move it around with some of my chickens in it. It poured the rain on us all the way home and all the way back and stopped just as we turned onto the sale road,thankfully.
We also stopped by bro-in-law'a house to pick up some eggs sis-in-law had found on sale for me and hubbie picked up his tree cutter that brother had borrowed. It didn't rain any more until we got the truck in the barn then it started raining and rained off and on all evening.
We relaxed until it was chore time. There was 2/10ths inch in the rain gauge when chores were finished.
I have spent the evening catching up on my photo sorting on line and in my albums. I have gotten behind on my prints so I will be paying Walgreens a visit later this week.
In the decade photos I found these from September 1982.
This is #2 son's first picture !!
 #1 son , the great thinker ???!!!
On one of our camping trips to the lake.
 He  thinks he is big stuff driving dad's truck !!
Good times, good memories !!

So grateful to God for all the blessings in my life.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Those are some great memories. I love finding old photos. They always remind me of happy times.