Thursday, September 20, 2012


I felt terrible when I got up this morning, after I fixed g-son some breakfast I wanted to lay back down so bad but knew that would not be a good idea!
I have been feeling kinda yucky for a couple days with a scratchy throat and general tiredness. Hubbie just got over a nasty cold and I figure I'm going to get my turn.
I made myself a hot cup of tea and pushed through the yucky feelings. When I got back from school I did chores and got ready for market. I seemed to feel better as the morning wore on,thankfully.
Market was pretty good today for a change on Thursday. I stayed steadily busy all day with hardly any time to do anything but shuck a bunch of money plant to replace one that was sold.
I did the regular errands after market and had a list of baking supplies for daughter as well as myself to pick up.
I made it home just as Hubbie got here from work. We unloaded and got things put away then watched the news.
Today was "Front Line" day for all the dogs along with regular evening chores.This stuff has kept the fleas and ticks at bay all summer and I have one more dose in October to hopefully get them all through this years flea and tick season.
I also iced 6 more caramel cakes this evening for an order for Saturday.
Daughter and a friend came by to pick up her supplies after a women's church conference they attended tonight at Biltmore Baptist church.
I am going to bed early tonight to catch up on some lost sleep from not feeling good the last couple nights. I feel fine tonight and even the scratchyness in my throat is gone. Thank you Lord.
I looked at September 1992 pictures and they really told me how time has flown by. #1 son played youth football that year. The games were on Saturday afternoon and he practiced every evening. 
This is his team picture.
And this is his photo in his uniform.
He also loved going fishing with his pawpaw and on this occasion they brought home fish worthy of pictures.
Daughter proved she wasn't afraid to handle the big fish.

I can't remember if she caught this one of not .
Also that September they all had class pictures made.
This is #1 son's 5th grade pic.
#2 son was in 4th grade that year.
And daughter was in 2nd grade.
As I looked at daughter and her friend tonight who graduated with her and I remembered hearing them giggle their selves to sleep on the nights Amber stayed here. Now they are all grown up and both work in the school system they graduated from. Amber has been married and is now getting a divorce,oh my how time has flown !!!!!
I am thankful for the Christian friends daughter has chosen.
I am prayerfully grateful for this beautiful day and for the guidance of my precious Lord though out it.
Good night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Hope you feel better soon. Love the pictures of the kids. Another trip down memory lane.
God's Blessings to you.