Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Beautiful  mountian morning today !!
It is hard to get back to the regular grind today. Dropped g-son off at school and watched him walk in all by himself. I parked and sneaked in to make sure he was in the right class and of course he was.
Back home I did chores, had breakfast and did an extra exercise routine to get back in the routine. I took a long walk and watched the sun loose it's battle with the clouds and a misty drizzle begin.
Inside I baked cakes, 34 layers, 2 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
I look for the market to have a real slow down through this month.
After lunch I finished our weekly laundry and then went to visit my friend who had worked my market tables for me last Saturday. She had been trying to catch a dry period to mow her lawn but it had started raining pretty hard so we had a nice visit until it was time to pick g-son up from school.
G-son was in a good mood this afternoon and talked all about what he did at school today. I am soooooo glad he loves school as much as he does!
His dad came by to see him before he went to work. This is his last night shift as they are finished replacing the culverts on this stretch of road.
D-in-love came in just as he was leaving and took g-son home.
Hubbie and I steamed some fresh okra for supper to go with grilled chicken breast. I am so sad to see the garden coming to an end. Even our late vegeis are looking very iffy with all the rain we've had recently.
We have had on and off misty showers all day with a temperture of 82 so it feels like taking a steam bath out there.
I iced cakes tonight starting early to keep up my early bed time.
I also remembered the weekly paperwork and bill paying had to be done before bedtime.
I got it all done and crawled into bed at 11:15. I am very tired tonight after the first day back on schedule,whew !!
Thankful for today's blessings .
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Big day, huh???? That always happens when we come home from a vacation also... BUT--your vacation must have been worth it!!!!!! Hope you can get to Ocean Isle one day...