Saturday, September 22, 2012


It sure didn't feel much like it today with the morning starting out at 60 and the high of 83 this afternoon. I changed my mind on what I had layed out to wear and was glad I did.
But just wait until tomorrow with these predictions it sure should feel like fall.

Market was good today. Hubbie helped daughter and I get set up then he and daughter went to get another load of the free mulch and spread it on her bank. I got very busy while they were gone a couple times with folks lined up at my table.
Between customers I did manage to get two more bunches of money plant shucked to replace the two I sold today.
Daughter came back after they finished her mulch but most of the customers were already gone.
After market I went thrift store shopping for something that looks like 1940's fashion. Next Saturday is Old Timey Day at market and the theme is the 40's.  I found a couple style hats that could fit,depending on what I decide to wear.
This red hat looks a lot like a "flapper" style hat and I think that era was the 50's but not sure.
I found this new hat .
And I already had this one .
The clothing back then was plain and most women wore plain oxford type blouses and middy length skirts. Which I already have both those. I looked today for maybe a gingham print skirt but didn't have any luck.
After all this looking and of course I could never go into a thrift store and only look for one thing !!
I also had to pick up baking supplies from Sav-Mor ,Aldi and Walmart so it was 5:00 when I finally got home.
Whew ! I would love to call it a day right now !! But then I looked into Flash and Annie's eyes as they stared hungrily at me through the screen door and I headed out to do the evening chores.
I came back inside to watch the news while hubbie grilled us a couple steaks for supper.
It was almost dark by the time the clouds lifted enough to get a sunset picture.

The moon rose above the clouds as the wind from the cold front that is coming though tonight picked up.
The 40's by morning will be a shock to us after the heat of today.
As summer comes to an end I can say it has been a memorable one, with the addition of some new renters with their cattle and horses to fill our lower pasture.  #2 son's search for a new house has been exciting and hopefully he has found what he has been looking for. G-son began kindergarten in August  and is enjoying it so far. Hubbie and I took 2 mini vacations and really had good weather and enjoyed both of them immensely. The weather here at the farm was extreme on several occasions but thankfully we only suffer washouts and blown down limbs.Temperatures went from comfortable to blazing hot over the course of the 3 month summer, sometimes in the span of a few hours.All in all it was a good summer season and I saw many more blessings than I deserve for sure.
Still nursing a scratchy throat I'm going to bed early and get all snuggled down under the covers !!
Thanking God for a wonderful day and looking forward to what He sends us in the fall season.
Good Night and God Bless

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Gail said...

You accomplish more in one day than I can manage to get done in a week. You are amazing.

It is so wonderful that all your family works together to reach mutals goals. That is a rarity. You are very blessed.