Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Woke up before the alarm went off this morning after the best night's sleep since I have been here. This bed is not very comfortable and it is a queen size when I am used to stretching out in a king.
This is a nice house I am just not crazy about the location.

Hubbie and I ate a quick breakfast and then loaded all our stuff in the van. Son's family got up a little later and g-son is not feeling well this morning. We helped them get loaded up and away we both went by about 9:30. We again are taking different routes home. Hubbie and I thought about going through Columbia,SC with them because of the democratic convention that is going on in Charlotte,NC but decided to take a chance on traffic there because we needed to stop in Forest City and pick up Hubbie's light and brake connector that he let the guy that bought our cattle trailer borrow. He was supposed to mail it back the next day but #2 son said it hadn't come.
To our surprise we had no traffic problems at all except for a few light showers of rain all the way home.
We picked up the trailer connection and then hit the mountains. The rain was misting now and the fog was starting to cover the mountain tops.

Son beat us home by about 5 minutes. Thank you Lord for a safe trip for both of us.
G-son is feeling better and they think he must have just been very tired.
Man it is good to be home and at an early hour 3:30 so we have plenty of time to unload,unpack and catch up a few things around here.
The rain gauge had 1 1/2" of rain over the days we were gone so fortunately we must have missed some heavy storms.
All the animals were very glad to see us at regular chore time this evening.
I did some laundry tonight so I wouldn't have so much to do tomorrow.
Got a call from #2 son ,saying he had finally reached a deal with the bank on the house he put a bid in on.
This house hopefully will belong to him in about 45 days.
He got a decent deal on it and it is what he really wanted with all the wood inside.
Well I'm going to bed early as I will be back on the early wake up in the morning getting g-son to school.
Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely and all the animals were happy to see you. I love road trips but am always glad to get home. Praise God that son#2 will finally get his house. The pictures of the fog in the mountains were so pretty.

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful home for your son... I'd love that one also... Is it close to you?

Glad you all made it home safe and sound... Can't believe the amount of rain you all have gotten lately. We finally got 1/2 an inch this week --and it rained again tonight for awhile....BUT--we are still very dry... Crazy!!!!