Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hubbie and I were awaken about 7am this morning ,thinking our ceiling fan was falling with the squeaking noises we heard. But it was only g-son awake and bouncing around trying to get his aunt T up in the bedroom above us. He had just woke from a 13 hour snooze and was raring to go !
The sun was shining brightly and even at an early hour you could feel the heat building for another record breaking hot day.
After we ate breakfast we decided to take g-son to the beach early before the sun got really hot.
At 10 am hubbie,daughter,g-son and I headed for the beach. D-in-love was still hurting from her sunburn of yesterday and #1 son was still sleeping.
The ocean was rougher today than yesterday so wave jumping was the main activity of the morning.

As the tide got farther out there was some boogie board rides.

G-son met a friend who was the same age as he is and they had a blast jumping the waves together.
They punched the waves.
But the waves still won !!!

Rider's mom told daughter they were from Ohio and were spending the week in a house just up the road from us.
We finally got him to come out for lunch. As we walked back to the house he kept saying how much fun this was.

After lunch the skies clouded up and daughter,hubbie and me decided to hit the Tanger Outlets we usually go to in North Myrtle Beach about 30 minutes away.
They were having lots of sales at all the stores and we separated and shopped all afternoon. This is the first time I have actually used the maping centers to find the stores I wanted to go in and I got to all my favorites, Coldwater Creek, the Cosmetic outlet,Bass and several more to find some good deals.And the best thing of the day was me sliding effortlessly into size 12 jeans!!!! Although I found several things I resisted with only a couple pairs because I'm not where I want to be yet and hope to drop several more sizes before I shop for a whole new wardrobe !!
 Hubbie actually shopped on his own finding several deals for himself and of course daughter found some things.
We stopped in Cherry Grove,SC on the way back and ate at a K&W cafeteria there. It was delicious and daughter and I stuck to our diets.
Back at the beach house daughter,d-in-love and I relaxed while hubbie and son went to the pier to fish awhile tonight.
The temperature today was 92 degrees and the humidity seems to be rising.
Talked to #2 son and the farm is well although we are still getting rains every day .
Thanking God for another wonderful blessing filled day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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