Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Back to the regular schedule this morning with g-son here at 7am.  After dropping him at school I stopped by the Dollar General store on the way home to pick up a couple towels for an order of towel aprons and a couple new planting pots for my new herbs.
After chores and breakfast I took a walk down in the lower pasture. This morning was not a good photo morning for me for some reason all the pics are blurry. Must be because the battery is low.
This is one that looks okay, it is of my wild yellow flag iris that brighten the green landscape around them each year when they bloom.
This is typically a swamp plant that florishes on top of our hill !!
I spent the day doing laundry and housework,plus some end of the month changes of the decorations.
After I picked g-son up from school he didn't feel good but I think he was just hungry as he had a pretty good appetite. His dad picked him up early to go to soccer practice. He is so excited to be going on a field trip tomorrow to the Nature Center in Asheville. His dad took the day off work to go with him.
Little Evy came this evening while her mom went to work. Her dad was cutting a field of hay up the road so we got to spend some extra time with her. She is so funny and is so temperamental,crying one moment and smiling that sweet smile at you the next moment.
Hubbie and I took turns doing chores and taking care of her until her dad got here around 8:00.
I have neglected my decade pictures this month so I need to catch up quickly.
In May of 1993 #1 son was finishing 5th grade, #2 was finishing 4th grade and daughter was finishing 2nd grade. To celebrate Memorial day they had a joint program at school.
This is #1 son's class, he is 3rd from right.
In this photo #2 son is in the red sweatshirt with design on the front and puffy hair 2nd from left and daughter in her sailer set is 4th from left in front.

This was #1 son's last year at Edneyville Elementary school as 6th graders went to the new Apple Valley middle school.
After school was out baseball games took over our lives as #2 son always spent the summer traveling in little league all stars. By that time #1 son had decided he liked football better than baseball.
This is him in his regular uniform.He looks ready to play !!!
That year daughter was asked to be the teams "bat girl" and she gladly accepted because she got a uniform just like her brothers.
I remember at one of the games late in the regular season she was standing in the dug out holding the wire when her brother accidentally let go of the bat and it hit her fingers. She was okay with only brusing but it got her the job of all star team bat girl that year also. Why I don't have pictures of that I can't figure out.
I am so thankful for these memories of the wonderful full life with our three kids during their early years we enjoyed. Each time I see pictures of their smiling faces I know all the time and effort was worth it.
Grateful to God  tonight for the blessings He sent my way today and for the love He gives each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love your "decade" pictures. It always bring back some long lost memories for me. Don't spoil little Evy too much.