Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hubbie went to church early this morning to meet the other Deacons as they opened car doors for all the mom's as they arrived for church.
I needed to cut flowers from my snowball bush to add to some wild Azaleas a neighbor at market gave me yesterday.
The combination made a really nice bouquet for the communion table.
This was my passenger on the way to church.
We had a very nice service honoring all the mothers and I enjoyed my 3 carnations !
Everyone came for lunch and I have more gifts to open.
This creation brought tears to my eyes I loved it so much. These four pics of my favorite people...

Made up this photo collage....

In this beautiful frame which now has a prominent place on the living room wall.

We also will be making a trip to my favorite restaurant to have lunch.
This card holds a special meaning......

How big he is getting by the size of his hand print and how smart he is getting by the improvement in his writing.
Thanks so much to all my kids for these wonderful thoughtful gifts !!
After lunch everyone scattered and left hubbie and I to have a nice relaxing afternoon,enjoying the warm sunshine in a place we found to get out of the brisk cool breeze. The temperature stayed in the mid 60's all day but the skies were clear.
After chores we headed over to hubbie's brothers to visit with his family and finish up the estate business finally. We were having so much fun visiting none of us realized it was getting so late and we got home at 11:30.
Thanking God for my family today and for such wonderful kids.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day you had and all are such a blessing. Nothing like family is there?