Thursday, May 30, 2013


G-son arrived at 7am to get my day started. He was hungry this morning and ate all his breakfast plus 3 cookies. These last days of school are so exciting and filled with fun activities.
I hurried through morning chores and even stopped by the post office on the way and made it to market with a few minutes to spare.
Market was slow again today,but I am very thankful for what I did sell.
We are having our spring Old Timey Day Saturday so I expect to have a very good day then. Caught up with a couple old friends today between customers.
My table had plenty variety today.
Have I mentioned how much I like my new shorter haircut. It requires so little styling it suits me fine.

After market I headed out to do my regular stops. At the second store I got a call from g-son's other g-ma who usually picks him up from school on Thursdays. She was hung up at her restaurant and couldn't get him today. I checked out and went to get him then we came back into town to finish my errands. G-son is ready to go shopping anytime especially with the stop at Walmart waiting at the end of the line.  Neena is always a  sucker for a new toy.  Today he found a new legos set . We got him some supper at Mcdonalds and got home just after 5:00. He ate his supper then dad came and took him home.
Hubbie and I made some vegetable kabobs and grilled them for our supper tonight from some fresh squash and peppers I found today and used some of the Vadalia Onions a friend of hubbies brought him back from Georgia. Yum it was delicious !
We ended the day sipping hot coffee and tea out in the covered patio while this little guy watched.
This is another one of those little creatures that are so perfectly designed and beautiful. For several years I didn't see any chipmunks around here but this year we are inundated with the little guys. I don't mind them so much but I do mind the holes the dogs dig in the flower beds trying to dig them out.
Daughter had an interview for a teaching job today at the local highschool. She had to take and pass the business praxus which she did and now she is hoping to get the job. The principle said he would let her know tomorrow if she got the job. Praying for her tonight as I think she has finally found her heart with these high school kids.
Grateful to God for all the glorious wonders He puts in our lives each day and thankful to Him for the grace He shows me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

OH My---LOVE your new hair-do.. Makes you look younger. I've never cared for longer hair on us women as we age.... Yours is PERFECT... Great pictures, Pretty Lady.

I know you are proud of your daughter. Hope she gets the job... Kids need good teachers who love them.

Did your son ever sell his house? If so, where is he living now?


linda m said...

I love your new hair-do. It looks so good on you. Saying a prayer your daughter gets the job.

linda eller said...

Love the hair cut, but I am a short hair person anyway. Hope your daughter gets the teaching job. One of my daughters teaches high school English and she is a special type of person. Kids today need extra special teachers to get them through.