Monday, May 20, 2013


It's always a good way to start the day when a bunch of these little dark eyes peer at me from under a mamma for the first time.

Hubbie took g-son to school this morning while I did chores.
We had some errands to run this morning and then daughter needed some "honey dos" done at her house. Since right now we are her "honeys" she was on our list of things to do today.
She bought some trellis's for a couple yellow roses she bought at the flea market last year. They are blooming so pretty right now. She needed her dad to make some bases for them and drive them into the ground so this is what we did. While he had his tools over there he replaced the numbers and hanging plant holders on her newly painted porch.
She has such a beautiful place.
We made it home around 1:00 for a late lunch and then with the clouds breaking up some hubbie got on the mower and I did some much needed weeding chores around the yard.
For awhile the sun won the battle with the clouds and it got very hot, 81 degrees before the clouds took back over. Luckily the storms passed us by again today and no rain in the gauge this evening.
When g-son came in from school he went out to the shed where hubbie was putting the lawn mower away and found this old inflatable alligator. Hubbie blew it up for him and he wrestled with it until dad came after him.
He had fudge popsicle all over his face.
Just after he left I received a chilling call from #2 son. Telling me he had been in a bad accident. A man was speeding and ran a red light and hit his mail truck. Knocking him into an adjoining parking lot and destroying the mail truck he was driving. Fortunately for him they hit him on the opposite side that he was sitting on and he didn't get hurt. Thank You Jesus !!!
He doesn't really remember the hit but said numerous witness's of the accident wanted to know how he kept the small narrow mail truck from turning over the hit was so vicious. The other driver who wasn't hurt either got several tickets.
He didn't go to the hospital to get checked out but said his knee was banged up from going through the dash and his elbow and hip were really sore along with his neck. I'm sure tomorrow morning he will be sore in places that he hasn't even thought about yet. I am so thankful to God tonight for sparing injuries in this accident.Daughter went over to his house tonight to check on him and see his new truck for the first time.
On the news tonight the devastating news of a historic 2 mile wide F4 tornado tore through Oklahoma City and killed over 50 people at least as they are still sifting through rubble.
Some of the pictures coming from there are unbelievable.
This is a photo of the twister in the distance.
This is an elementary school were some of the victims have been found. It is litterly cut in half.

An entire community of houses are gone ,leaving just their foundations scattered with debris.
Praying for these folks tonight as they pick up the pieces.
More than 50 tornadoes have been sighted in what is known as tornado alley since Saturday. But today's was the most devastating and many folks say it is the worst one they have ever seen.
Although I am very thankful tonight for #2 son's blessings my heart is heavy for these folks out west and the families of the victims.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Glad your son fared well.

I have been waiting to hear from Oklahoma Transient/Sandy whom I feel I know well. She lives in Norman close to this tragedy. I have news she and her family are okay.

I have cried for the lives lost and have to turn the tv off. May God watch over the survivors.

Betsy Adams said...

My friends in Indiana had a similar wreck recently when they were hit by a drunk driver. The wife is having back trouble --which hasn't gone away yet. Tell your son to get a doctor to check him out so that IF he does develop some physical problems, they can 'fix' them for him...

Love the trellises.. Your daughter really does have a pretty home..

Terrible news about the Oklahoma tornado. Prayers for them.

linda m said...

I am so glad your son wasn't seriously injured. However, he really should go see a doctor and get checked out so that IF something does develop his butt is covered. The tornado in Moore, OK was horrible and I have been praying for the people there