Monday, May 13, 2013


A different Monday morning today as g-son had his re-scheduled doctors appointment this morning,#1 son was taking him and since he works in this county he is taking him to school.
Hubbie  and I got to sleep in and unusually for hubbie he was still sleeping when I woke up.
He went to get a haircut while I did morning chores. After we had breakfast on this really chilly morning, 38 degrees, we decided to take a ride down to look at #2 son's newly surveyed lot.
Hubbie walked all around in the tall grass but I decided to stay in the road where I could see there wasn't any snakes !!
See him way up beside the trees.
While I waited I noticed these blackberries just starting to open their blooms and thought how timely as these cold nights and cool days must truly be "blackberry winter".
We talked to the neighbor who was waiting on his well drillers, it will be interesting to see how deep water is up there on that mountain.
We picked up a gallon of fresh strawberries and came home to have lunch.
After lunch hubbie worked in the garden while I doned my long handled clippers and cleared away weeds and privot bushes that love all the rain we have had and are getting an upper hand in our landscapes.
I picked up g-son after school and hubbie and I took a much needed break chatting with him while he had mac and cheese and cookies. #1 son came after him and they went home to play with their new "tablet".
Hubbie and I went back to the garden. We planted our first plantings of green beans, squash and cucumbers along with okra and dill. 
Our garden is behind this year with all the cool weather and rain, then I discovered today that rabbits have eaten all my peas. So it's too late to replant them. They haven't bothered the greens,radishes,or lettuce yet thankfully.
This is the first produce from the garden for salads tonight.
Our plants will have to stay in the basement for a couple more nights until this cold spell passes. I have had on a jacket all day out in the lower 60's and windy day.
We are on the edge of a frost warning again tonight.
Our temperatures are definitely below normal in this part of the country .
But after we get through tonight the above normal temps are going to be the norm for the rest of the week.
I decided to take a big gamble and not bring any of my potted plants inside tonight since the warning leaves out our county. It is 47 at 11:00 so I'm thinking they will be safe from frost or freeze !

I had a visit from a childhood friend and fellow classmate tonight. We had fun catching up on her recent retirement news. She just lives out the road and we will have to get together more often. She stayed so much longer than planned tonight that her husband came looking for her. He got worried when she didn't answer her cell phone that she had forgotten in her car.
Grateful for the love of our Heavenly Father tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

HI, Glad you had a nice Mother's Day...I did too... We had a low last night of 33 degrees --but didn't have any frost (thanks be to God).... It's been a crazy spring so far!!! Hope you will be okay tonight. Blackberry Winter it is!!!!

Sorry about the rabbits and your peas... Glad they haven't gotten anything else.


linda eller said...

We had a cool day yesterday, but 'the man' is saying 80's for the rest of the week. I was thinking blackberry winter too, so maybe we are almost over any cool temps. Have a great Tuesday.

linda m said...

Our Monday was very chilly with frost overnight. Today it will get into the high 70's. What a crazy spring we are having - one day the heat is on the next day the AC is one. God's blessings to you.