Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A very nice day with warm sunshine early. After getting g-son to school,getting all the animals and me our breakfast I headed into the lower pasture for a nice long walk.
The buttercups are beautiful waving in a light breeze this morning.
Each day I come down here these little flowers seemingly multiply greatly !
I had to laugh at Flash as he runs through the field with both ears and tongue flapping wildly !!
He thought he was left behind as Annie and I climbed the hill toward the house.
As I walked up to the barn I saw a welcome sight in this bluebird house.
As daddy Bluebird pulled a fecal sac from the nest I heard numerous peeping sounds coming from the inside. It wasn't long before dad was back to check on things.
And then he took up guard duty.
Each day I have looked for the Bluebird families but this is the first day I have been out here when they were.
Inside I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate and 2 pound cakes before doing the housecleaning duties of the day. With more cakes needed as business picks up I will need to tweek my cleaning schedules from time to time.
Each year when business starts to pick up I am glad and sad at the same time. I get used to a more relaxed schedule then have to gear up for the busy season and seems each year it gets harder to make the transition. You think it might have something to do with age ????  Nah !!!
After I picked up g-son we played football again all around the house in the nice weather before his dad came after him to get ready for church.
With rain chances predicted to get higher in the coming days hubbie and I decided to plant all the plants we have been hardening off in the shed.
Now we can sit back and wait for things to grow while enjoying our onions and radishes.
I put up the tin pan noise makers in hopes of discouraging the foraging rabbits that ate all my snap peas.
I moved some chicks around emptying one of the condo's for the little female quail that has been healing from the attack while with the other pair of quails. It is getting too hot for her inside the garden shed in the cage she was in. She acted like she was glad to be outside and her wounds have all healed up nicely and her eye is okay. She was lucky I found her and got her out when I did.
It was too late for a picture by the time I got all the moving done.
I came inside and iced my cakes while hubbie changed the oil in daughter's jeep. She had dropped it off and caught a ride with a friend to church tonight.
The temperature today reached 83 degrees for a shocking contrast to last week but it is finally nice to sit outside in the evenings without a jacket.
I missed a prominent birthday this month. As I watched old Snowball grazing around the pasture this evening I remembered she was born in May. When I looked at my records, she was born on May 9,1993, that made her 20 years old this past Thursday. Happy Birthday Snowball !!
She still looks pretty good for an old cow !!
Cows can have a life expectancy of 20-25 years if they are pampered and fed well so no telling how long she will live because she surely is pampered and fed well !!
Thanking God tonight for a wonderful day and for all the blessings He sent my way. I do what I can to glorify His name each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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