Saturday, May 4, 2013


Uhhh!!! These dreary mornings make it harder to crawl out of a nice warm bed.
At least it's not raining yet today ! Got the chores done and got ready for market but still was 15 minutes late getting there. Some mornings it's just hard to figure out what goes wrong to make me late !!
Daughter came by and I gave her my baby shower present for her friend as I will be late getting there this afternoon because it starts at 2:00.
She didn't bake anything for today because she has been so busy gramming for the teaching test she is taking next Thursday. And she was headed home this morning to do the cooking and decorate for the shower which is at her house.
I pray that the Lord blesses her with passing this test,she sure has worked hard and believes this is what she is being led to do.
Market was really slow today but I had a couple big sales that made my day. One for 6 caramel cakes that a lady was taking home to her freezer for future entertaining.
My table looks pretty bare without daughter's goodies on there.

This isn't my regular May attire and actually I have been cool this morning in this !!

I left market and headed straight over to daughter's to Rhondria's shower. This girl was daughter's friend all through school and she was a really good girl being raised by her grandmother in the absense of her mother who was in jail.  She was released in Ronni's and daughter's senior year in highschool and is trying to be a good mom but they need prayers to make a real relationship work. Maybe this baby will bring them closer.
Daughter had made a lot of delicious goodies to enjoy.
There were lots of nice gifts as dad got to get involved with this activity.
Loads of fun was had by all who attended.
I love this diaper cake daughter made for decoration.
I wish this couple love and happiness as they begin this new adventure in their life as parents to a baby girl.
I got home at 6:00 just in time to rush through chores before the rains started coming down harder. It has showered off and on most of the afternoon in advance of a front that has us under a flood watch again.
After last weekends almost 4" of rain it will not take much rain to make the flooding begin. This 7 day forecast does have some hope for more normal spring weather and less rain chances.
As I type this tonight I am listening to the pouring rain outside the window and feeling sorry for all of nature as the rain soaks everything out there for the second weekend in a row.
I am looking forward to the nice warm bed tonight while the rain on the metal roof lulls me to sleep.
Praying tonight for parts of our country that are suffering in much worse weather conditions and for the young couple expecting their first baby.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Rain has been plentiful...far more so than last year.

I hope things begin to be become more "normal" soon but I believe I may have lost sight of that.

linda eller said...

This is day #3 for us and constant rain. I am sure there are some areas flooded in and around town. So far we are safe. Church day which I always look forward to, rain or no rain.