Saturday, May 25, 2013


Market should be pretty good today with the Garden Jubilee in downtown on main street. I got there a little early and surprisingly the parking lot was full but no customers were in market. Evidently everyone had parked in the market parking lot and headed uptown.
I had a pretty good day, not a sell out day like some other before Memorial Day Saturdays but I am thankful for all I did sell.
Daughter came out just after lunch after mowing her lawn this morning and doing some weed eating.
After market Rebecca and Evy met us and we all walked up town to the Garden Jubilee.

The streets were pretty crowded but I have seen them more crowded. The cooler temps forecast for today didn't hold true as it was really hot up there on that black asphalt street. The sun was blazing down and we all got a little sunburned. Little Evy was a trooper and we made it all the way from one end of the street to the other. Thankful that Evy let us borrow her carriage to haul all our purchases on while she rode in her carrier on mommy's tummy.
It was a fun time and we found some good buys on herb plants and some other things as we went.
This is a rooster wind chime I just had to have. I love the old bells at the bottoms of the chains.
And I bought this plant hanger with a project in mind !!

After about 3 hours we had had all the fun we could stand for one day and tonight my legs and feet are aching and sore. That's what old legs and feet do !!
I can walk for miles on the dirt and never have a pain but put me on asphalt and get the ben gay ready!
I stopped by Aldi on the way home for some baking supplies and by the strawberry farm for some more fresh berries.
These are my two King Kong leaved Coleus after I got them set out, I love the huge colorful leaves.

Hubbie and I both spent the evening relaxing,first out in the covered patio then when the cool air lost it's sun warm we moved into the sunroom to watch darkness fall.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the trip to the jubilee of all of us girls but my camera in my purse never crossed my mind.
The temperature last night only go to 43 and today's high was 77 but up town it felt like 97 !!
Grateful for the day's blessings and for the strength that the Lord gives me each day to carry out His glory.
Good night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

We had a cool day on Friday also, Marilyn, with a fire in the fireplace (can you believe it?).... But--today was nicer and not quite as cool... Sounds like you had a nice day and are really enjoying being with Rebecca and Little Evy. When will you keep her? I'm sure you will enjoy that.

Have a blessed Sunday.

linda m said...

We hava had a very cold weekend so far with rain predicted for tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Blessings