Friday, May 10, 2013


I got to sleep a little later this morning as g-son had to go to the doctor to  have another x-ray to make sure his elbow was healing correctly.  His mom was taking him to his 8am appointment and I was going to meet her half the way between doctor and school to take him on to school so she could get to work.
I was in the chicken coop just starting to feed and let them out around 8:00 when my phone rang. It was d-in-love saying she had mistakenly missed his appointment time, it was yesterday morning !! She had to re-schedule for Monday so she was going to take him to school.
I finished feeding and had breakfast. The sun was winning the battle with the clouds this morning so I dawned my waterproof hiking boots and headed down to the lower pasture for a nice morning walk.
The Buttercups are plentiful in the wet bottom.
The creek is still a bit muddy and running a little high but the sunshine sparkling off the ripples made a pretty picture.
I finished my walk around the garden catching these chive blossoms ready to burst open any moment.
As I walked by our pear trees I noticed that so far there looks like we will have a bountiful harvest of pears as they seem to be stretching their long necks toward the warm sun.
Hubbie has added  some unwanted azaleas from a friend to this row of bloomers along the driveway.
And one of my favorite double azaleas are blooming. I love these carnation looking blossoms.
After I came back inside I did some housecleaning and then baked 12 caramel cakes for Mother's Day orders tomorrow.
The clouds had taken the sky back over by the time I turned the ovens off so I decided to do a couple catch up errands after making a cake delivery this afternoon. I needed to pick up heart wormer for 3 of our dogs at the vet's office. After shelling out $81 for these meds I thought about how expensive pets can be and no wonder so many of them are turned in to the shelters because owners can't afford them.
I worked outside pulling weeds while hubbie mowed the lawn this evening. It looked like rain would fall any minute all evening but we finally made it through a day without a drop of moisture.
I made another nest in another brooder box for a little black silkie that just won't be discouraged from sitting. I have never used this lower box for this as it has a chicken wire front and I have always been afraid a snake would slip through the 1" chicken wire. It is the only vacant box right now with the little female quail that I rescued needing to fill one of the other boxes as soon as this next cold snap coming the first of the week passes.
I iced my cakes tonight while munching on the fresh strawberries I bought yesterday. Hubbie and I have almost ate the whole gallon !!
Daughter took the business praxis   test yesterday for a teaching job at the high school she coaches at. She only found out about the job a couple weeks ago and has had 10 days to study for this test. She passed with 20+ points to spare ! Congratulations to her !!
On other family news #2 son finally has a closing date for the short-sale lot of land he made an offer on. June 10th is the closing date so he has a surveyor going out there tomorrow.
I prayerfully and humbly thank God for the blessings He bestows on my family and me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

You days are sounding alot like mine. So happy to see all the blossoms around your yard. Still too cold here so not much is blooming. We are lucky to have one day of sunshine a week now. Sure hope Spring arrives soon. Temps are in the 50's during the day and falling into the 30's at night.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, We just got home from a week at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Had a fabulous time....

Things certainly are green here and the Azaleas and Rhodies and Irises are blooming. SO pretty --but tons and tons of rain this past week here. (Luckily, we didn't have any rain at the beach!)

I know you are proud of your kids and the lives they are leading. Sorry to read about the deaths in your area. Such a tragedy.

Happy Mother's Day.