Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hubbie was up early on this Saturday to pick #1 son up from the auto shop where he is having his jeep patriot worked on for noise in the front wheel area.
We got things done and were on our way to market 15 minutes early after the extra early start.
Market was pretty good today but not as busy as the usual pre-Mother's day Saturdays have been.
After an early morning customer took 7 of my caramel cakes I knew I would be in trouble of running out of those. By 11:00 I was out of caramel and chocolate cakes. Luckily daughter is back to her regular baking routine so we had other things to choose from. I probably could have sold 4 or 5 more caramel cakes but who knew someone would randomly come in and get 7 whole cakes. I try to get customers with big orders to call them in so I can make extra but sometimes they don't.
Daughter helped me until about noon when things really slowed down and she left. She has a lot of catching up to do from her many days of doing nothing but studying.
After market I made a couple supply stops and made it home at 3:00. Hubbie had changed the oil in his truck. #2 son is off today so after meeting with the surveyor early this morning he came by to check his Jeep Rubicon because it is using a tremendous amount of oil suddenly. He took it to the shop we always take our vehicles to but they had already closed for the day.
Car trouble seems to be the norm around here suddenly, hope that bug doesn't bite hubbie and I !!
As I sat out in the sunroom to take a break the skies grew dark and the mid 70's temperature dropped suddenly. The sky looked really angry even with the sun shining momentarily over our barn.

With our supper on the grill the huge raindrops started pelting down and before it was over there was 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge in about 20 minutes. We weren't the only ones caught out in the sudden shower. Aaron and Rebecca were giving cattle shots and had to make a run for their truck. They had the baby with them who slept through the entire event.
She is growing so fast !! Pretty soon she'll be wanting to ride those cows.
It has been a relaxing evening here after the shower. I put up some lantern lights I discovered last week out in the sunroom to add some soft lighting and they are very relaxing. In fact too relaxing as I had to come in the house to keep from dozing off out there.
To  continue with the May decade pics, I found two old photos, one from May 1943, which is of the principle of Edneyville High School at that time,T.S. Mulligan. All of my mom's family went to this school and I also graduated from there.
And here is a newspaper clipping of the Edneyville High School graduating class of 1963 in which a couple of my cousins was in.
I found this in one of my old scrap books.
There was a recent celebration at the old school put together by alumni of the history of the school celebrated on May 5th,last Sunday with a memorial plague and about 400 folks in attendance. This is an insert from the local paper with some of the historic facts.
I was a member of the 1972 graduating class.
Grateful tonight for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Car trouble seems to be the norm for people. I just needed new tires and new rear brakes. Hubby's car is going in tomorrow for a "creaking" sound in the front and a broken hood latch. Then we need a quote on some body work - ladder fell on the front of his car. Boy, if it isn't one thing it is another. Had rain here Saturday but today is partly cloudy but very chilly 45 degrees and windy. Have a great Mother's Day.

Betsy Adams said...

Hope you are having a great Mother's Day, Marilyn... I'm sure the family spoiled you today!!!!!