Tuesday, May 7, 2013


On the way to school this morning the fog was soupy thick.
The sun battled the fog, then the clouds and lost both by lunch time and the rain began again. Over 1/4" fell by chore time this evening.
This is a lone duck on this eerie looking flood water pond in a cousin's pasture.
I have noticed some things appear to like all the rain as the Iris are starting to produce huge blooms.
And this bed of Hosta is flourishing with all the water.
After my slip in the mud yesterday I spent a mostly sleepless night trying to get my knee in a position that didn't hurt. I wrapped it in a heating pad for a time to ease the pain.
Today it is swelled pretty badly but I know not moving it will make it even worse as this has happened before.
I spent the morning limping through  laundry and housework.
After lunch I picked g-son up at 1:00 for early dismissal and we stopped by Dollar General since the rain had started and he couldn't play outside. Ran into an old friend,Darlene Stepp Walker who had moved to Texas to be with her son Jason and his 2 small kids. Jason was there also and we had a very nice "catch-up" visit.  Before I left I ran into another neighbor for a short visit.
G-son was hungry so after fixing him something to eat I finished my housework and laundry.
I spent the rest of this dreary day looking up my May decade photos and coming up with another idea to preserve some of the old pics that don't have names or dates on them.
Each month I am going to pick about 4 of these and put them on a blog post called  "WHO ARE THEY?" for that month. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to run across some info on some of these from blog readers. I have met several family members through this blog and some friends that are really special so who knows what memories these old pictures might stir up for someone out there.
On this first pic there is names and an address on the back but I can't quite make out the last name of this mother/daughter pair from Bronx, New York.By the looks of the old car behind them I guess 40's or 50's ?

These other pics have nothing to give clues to the dates or names of these ladies or the young man.


#1 son is working over again still cleaning up mud slides on local roads so d-in-love came after g-son this evening.
The rain slacked off just in time for hubbie to put out some fertilize in the upper pasture and for us to get feeding done before it started back again.
Aaron turned the cattle and the one horse he has left out into the bottom pastures tonight after the rain washed most of the mud off the grass.
He took his white gelding to a friend's farm in Georgia on Sunday to be sold. I feel sorry for the remaining mare as she continuously looks for him. She only has cows to keep her company now.
I am headed to bed early tonight to try to catch up from last night. I'm so tired I don't think pain will keep me awake tonight !
Thanking God for the blessings of family and for His mercies each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

It is fun looking at old pictures and there are those that I dont have a clue who they are. Hope you find friends and relatives from your past. We had sunshine yesterday and the same this morning, but more rain coming this evening...booooo!