Monday, May 27, 2013


This is a day especially to give our thanks to all those fallen soldiers who have fought so hard so that we have the freedoms we have today. The word "thanks" falls way short of any way to describe what they did for us.
My Memorial day started with getting to sleep a little later than normal as schools are closed today.
Hubbie and I got the morning chores done and then went to pick up animal feed and stopped by the fresh meat market to stock our freezer for a few more months.
#1 son has the day off and after he and g-son spent a leisurely morning together he fished the afternoon away.
D-in-love worked at her parents restaurant this morning and her and g-son went to Linconton,NC to visit her grandmother this afternoon.
#2 son was also off today and slept in after a hard day of golfing yesterday then spent the afternoon mowing grass and doing yardwork before coming here for a nice visit and a late supper of left-overs.
Daughter was the only one who worked today. For the school system it was an optional workday and she had some work that was better done while she had no interuptions.
Hubbie and I worked in the yard after lunch,him mowing and me pulling weeds and watering potted plants.
Then we worked in our garden for  awhile,tilling  and putting up the orange fabric for the green beans to climb.

Flash took advantage of the cool freshly tilled soil with the temperature around 80 degrees.
Then he joined Annie and Sadie in the shade to watch as we worked.
They are a lot like kids when you try to get all of them looking at the camera at the same time !!!
My favorite old Rose is really showing itself this year with more blooms than it has had in a long time.
This is the same rose I have talked about before that I planted when I was single and moved into a single wide mobile home in 1974. When hubbie and I moved up the hill into our house we moved the rose  with us and it still blooms every year and the blossom smell soooo sweet.
I spent a lazy evening watching darkness fall.
Tonight when I checked my e-mail I was reminded about the free service info available this weekend on I spent some time looking up family members and saving draft info I found. I found some of my dad's brothers but didn't find anything for him.
Sadly the old WWWI cards couldn't be read.My printer went on the blink so I just had to save the cards to my computer for printing later.
I prayerfully and humbly thank the fallen soldiers tonight and also for those who are in harms way now.

 Grateful for a blessed day and for the good news of  Jesus Christ  our Savior.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

Hi, Thought you all would have a big family get-together today or tonight to celebrate the holiday... We didn't do anything much either out of the ordinary. However, we did grill some strip steaks (which we seldom ever do) --and they are terrific... YUM...

Our day was near perfect weather-wise. I got the hose and cleaning supplies out and cleaned some of our deck furniture... Hopefully, summer is here to stay. This has been the coolest spring I can remember in a long time.

God Bless those men and women who died for our freedom.


linda m said...

Weather here in WI has been rain for the last two days. Not much is growing as the temps have been so cool. I am happy that you had some time to sleep in and get yard work done. Lee Greenwood's song "Proud to Be an American" is my favorite song - makes me cry every time I hear it. God bless you.