Saturday, May 18, 2013


I had left my alarm set for 7am today so we could get to market early for the festivities but when it went off and I heard the pounding rain on the roof  I turned it off and dozed back off for a little while.
Finally getting up and going with the rain slacked some I headed outside to do the feeding chores. I got soaked as the hard rain came down again before I finished.
We got to market almost 30 minutes early but with the cool rain it was wasted because there weren't any customers anywhere.
We sat up some tables outside to catch folks as they walked the sidewalks which were manned by daughter. She looks cold in the rain and low 50's temperatures this morning and there were very few sidewalk walkers this morning.
While I waited for customers I looked over the table of history that folks had compiled over the last 89 years of the market.
This is some of the interesting information that was kept all these years.

There was many more clippings with dates and I will incorporate them into my decade pictures through the years.These were dated 1933.
This photo had no date but it is of my mom and her dear friend who sold beside her in the market. They didn't get my name right but oh well !
Also with no date is this picture of a much younger me among my sewn crafts before I started baking.
And this is a picture hubbie took of me today in front of the same tables,just different merchandise.
Daughter helped most of the day until she and a friend went estate sale shopping. We had a pretty good day but not the really busy day we expected with all the planned activities. The rain surely dampened those planned activities.
I have a customer who blows the inside of eggs out and uses the shells for decorating around her home. This is the dozen eggs I saved for her today, from the large double yolked blue egg down to the two quail eggs.

I made stops at Aldi for baking supplies, a farm outlet for fresh strawberries and Ingles for some lunch fixins for tomorrow on my way home.
The rain is still falling lightly as hubbie and I relax for the rest of the afternoon.
After chores I poured over 1 1/3 inches of rain from the gauge. Hubbie gave Dolly and Bernie their weekly baths tonight while I caught up on my blogs.
A nice quiet Saturday evening.
Thankful for all my blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Great photos of your Mom and you at the Curb Market. Hopefully your daughter will keep the tradition going after you are gone. BUT--you need a granddaughter to keep it going after her....

We had rain today also--but nothing heavy. It was an inside day for me ---so I switched out closets (from winter to summer clothes).. I wonder --as I did that---if Summer is really here for good!!!!! ha


linda eller said...

That is special that both your mother and you are carrying on the tradition at the market. Praying for a good Sunday, with little to no rain for you.