Tuesday, May 21, 2013


A foggy drive to school this morning.
After chores and breakfast the fog had all burned off and I took a walk down in the pastures. When it flooded several weeks ago this mound of loose hay washed into our pond. These ducks were taking advantage of the sunny,safe platform this morning.
As I walked around the pond I kept hearing a growling sound,like a stomach growl. I knew it wasn't mine and I looked around for Annie and Flash but neither dog was close enough for me to hear their stomach growl.As I followed the noise I looked up at this guy sitting on this limb and realized it was this Green Heron that was making the noise.
It was a strange noise for a bird but it moved with him as he flew to another tree.
I came back up to the house and of course this time of year I have to post more beautiful blooms around my yard.
This Rhodie is really pretty even with not as many blooms as normal.
And this giant Iris finally opened one of it's blooms. This is twice the size of my normal Iris blooms.
I spent the morning buried in laundry and housework. I had a haircut appointment at 1:30 and am very happy with the way she cut and styled my hair this time. I had let my hair get too long and heavy and my head feels so much lighter tonight with the shorter do.
I picked g-son up from school and came home to get him settled with his mac and cheese just before little Evy came to stay awhile.
Her mom had a class to attend this evening. She was so good the whole time I had her.
She is a little beauty and g-son was happy to help entertain her until it was time or him to leave for soccer practice.
She likes to stretch out in the floor and loved watching my ceiling fans.
She was born March 31 and is a really big girl for her age.
This felt so good she even took a little catnap.
Love the way she stretches out and gets comfortable !
She broke me back in right with 3 poopy diapers while she was here. She is a sweet little doll baby. As I held her and kissed her sweet little head it brought back many memories recent and past of all my babies.
After her mom picked her up I did the evening feeding chores and sat outside to watch the clouds roll by as they covered the sun this evening. We didn't have any storms but some neighboring towns got hit hard with hail and heavy rains again this evening.
The folks in Oklahoma are still digging through rubble in hopes of finding more survivors as time runs out for family members and pets who were buried alive.

Prayers tonight for these people and praising the rescue efforts as they work through a second night without giving up.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessing of another wonderful day filled with blessings from above.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Cute little girl... Just precious...

Been watching the stories coming out of Oklahoma.. Did you see the video of the woman who found her dog???? Made me cry.

Had a thunderstorm warning here with lots of rain/wind/thunder/lightning --but luckily, nothing severe.


linda m said...

Evy is so precious. So far no severe storms here, even though they were predicted. Today it is a slow rain. Blessings!