Friday, May 3, 2013


On the way to school this morning g-son and I were discussing the summer fun we would have when school gets out. His concern was "what if it rains all the time like it is now?". Yes it is another rainy cool morning.
After chores and my regular morning routine I cleaned the sunroom,vacuuming all the left over dead leaves from the plants I moved outside last week. Hopefully I won't have to bring them back inside !
After lunch I baked 6 caramel,3 chocolate and 4 pound cakes. I sell more pound cakes this time of year than any other with the fresh strawberries that are beginning to ripen.
After baking was finished I cleaned the kitchen then took a break out in the sunroom with my 4-legged kids. We watched birds at the feeders and enjoyed the warmth under a nice soft afghan.Not a regular May activity around here !!
Hubbie picked up my Avon order on the way home from my friend's house and also picked up garden plants from the local high school's FFA plant sale. The plants are nice and it helps out the program at the school. Hopefully it will  dry up enough to get them planted one of these days !
There has been no measurable rainfall today but the clouds have hung low and dark and temperatures stayed in the 50's all day.
I finished some decorations today from some things I bought yesterday to add to my blue theme.
I bought 2 $3 long stem bunches of flowers and cut them short to fit into these brass vases. I thought they turned out really pretty and when I change the colors in here I can just pull out the blues and have whites or add a different color.
I also brought this bouquet of dried statis that I cut from the pasture last summer out of storage.
These 2 wedgewood blue pieces get their turn on the shelf.
And remember hubbie's trash can find from the flea market last month? I thought it cleaned up very nicely.
After chores I bagged Avon orders and boxed one that is going to be shipped to Indiana to a friend.
After icing my cakes I washed eggs and went to bed a little early.
Thankful to God for the wonderful blessings He sends my way each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

Love your 'blue'! Hope you had a good nights rest.