Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hurry up is the name of the game on Thursday morning around here as g-son has breakfast and is dropped at school and I get ready for market.
Made it to market with time to spare this morning. The customer flow was very slow early but picked up after lunch and I had a decent day.
Had a visit from a couple old friends and we spent a big part of the slow day catching up with each other's families. Thanks for helping me pass the time on a slow day Mickey and Randy.
After market I ran weekly errands and picked up baking supplies. I made it home and got unloaded before hubbie got home from work.
I am tired this evening from not sleeping well last night.
I looked down at these spent Dandelions this evening and remembered that years ago there wouldn't be any of these still standing by now. The picking and blowing of these lacey seed casings was just part of a late spring tradition and we kids competed with each other for each one of them.
But as my knees cracked and popped as I squatted down to pick one of them to blow their seed casings into the wind I was reminded why so many of them still stand waiting for the wind to spread their seeds !!!
 I rested in the sunroom watching darkness come this evening a little early under the cloudy skies. All day the clouds have covered the sky with temperatures only getting into the low 70's today but it felt nice,not too hot.
In  May 1983  #1 son was 19 months old and in these photos he was invited to the birthday party of one of my co-workers son's.
Burger King !!!

#2 son was 2 months old in May of 1983.

Other happenings that year was the high school graduation of one of hubbie's first cousins, Karen Brown.
I am headed for an early bedtime tonight.
Grateful for the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I love your trips down memory lane. Have a great weekend and God bless you.

linda eller said...

I am joining you in not sleeping...having a really hard time going to sleep, then even staying asleep. May we both do better tonight. Enjoyed your pictures.