Sunday, September 22, 2013


A beautiful first day of Autumn greeted me this morning. The overnight cooler temperatures that followed the cold front through our area making the "open window" sleeping  so good last night I am ready to jump into the Fall season today.
Church was good this morning as our Associate Pastor delivered the message in the absence of the Senior Pastor who is on a 2 week vacation.
After church we had a small lunch bunch with only daughter,#1 son and #2 son being here today. D-in-love took g-son down to her parents restaurant to meet some of their old friends from Charlotte and Aaron and Rebekah were letting Evy get a good nap in.
After lunch and some relaxing time hubbie and I met up with Aaron, Rebekah and his dad and wife for a Sunday afternoon walk. There was a purpose behind this walk but that will be another story for a later post.
G-son was riding down the driveway in a wagon for fun this afternoon.

He is getting so tall his legs won't fit in the wagon any more.
 G-son came home with us as we walked by his house and had supper up here with us. We did evening chores and then his dad brought a ladder back and took him home.
He was back a short time later with his fund raiser papers. I remember these from years of buying from my kids. At least I only have one now to buy from.
I picked out some jewelery and some cookie dough. Maybe he will get the price he wants for tomorrow !!
The weather for the next week looks good and fall like to welcome in the 2013 fall season.
The summer has slipped away and didn't really seem like a summer at all. We had rain almost everyday during the months of June, July and August and unseasonable cool temperatures. The garden didn't do well at all and I haven't canned, froze or preserved anything hardly all season.
Summer 2013 will be remembered as a transitional time for all four of my kids. #2 son listed the house he bought last fall back on the market in March and it sold the last of June and closed the end of July so he moved into a friends condo at nearby Wolfpen. He also sold his first house on property we gave him to #1 son and d-in-love  in August and they moved in the first weekend in September. Aaron and Rebekah who have become part of our family and  were renting the house from #2 son moved into #1 son's doublewide on that same weekend, whew !!! 
Daughter also got in on the transitioning as she took a teaching job at the local high school and spent the summer getting her classroom spruced up and ready along with several teaching workshops she had to attend. She also began dating a new boyfriend in June.
Couple these exciting developments with all the regular stuff that goes on in our family such as a weeks vacation at Oak Island this year and a week of VBS at church along with the start of first grade for g-son, a busy Curb Market season for me, chickens , cattle, dogs and horse care and it's easy to imagine why I feel this was the summer that really wasn't !!!
I feel very humbled by all the blessings my family has received during this summer and am grateful to our wonderful Loving Savior for these. I look forward to what He has in our futures for the Fall season.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a wonderful First Day of Fall you had. In some ways I am glad summer is over and Fall is here. Our summer was not very good but Fall means winter is on its way and it appears we are to have a bad one again. Guess I'll just leave the weather up to God and not worry bout it. Blessings