Saturday, September 21, 2013


Woke to a cloudy cool morning with rain threatening any minute I raced through chores and got everything loaded in the van for market.
Just as we started out the door with the last load to leave the rain started, whew talk about good timing !!!
As we drove into town the rain stopped and the sky there looked a lot lighter than the one we left back at the farm and only in a span of about 6 miles.
It wasn't long until the rain reached town and market customers left for dryer places. I did have an okay day with orders that I had so I am thankful.
As I started making my stops after market the rain got harder and harder. By the time I got home it was pouring cats and dogs. We went ahead and unloaded the van, both hubbie and I getting soaked.
I wrapped in a warm afghan out in the sunroom snuggled with Dolly and Bernie and watched it rain.
Hopefully daughter isn't having to drive through this mess on her way to Greensboro to one of her best friends and college roommate's baby shower. Megan used to go on our family vacations with us and was part of our family so I wish I could have gone to see her but not on a Saturday.
I did the evening chores in a light mist as the rains came to an end just as the sun went down leaving some pretty colors over the mountains.

I emptied 1 1/2 inches from the gauge for the day's total rainfall. This rain was a good one as it fell slowly all day so it soaked into the ground.
Back in 1983 hubbie and I had our hands full with 2 little boys. One getting ready to turn 2 years old and one 6 months old.
Another pic of #2 son with his smiley face.
My brother had an above ground pool at his house back then and we were taking a last dip in the late days of summer. As I held on to #1 son while sis-in-law and brother look on.
I was working at that time and this is a picture of #1 son's  daycare class. It was called Wee Folks and we were very happy with Mrs. Gaynelle ( in the gray shirt under the pony). #1 son is on the front row 4th from right in light blue.

He was one of the youngest in the class and in order to get him in we had to potty train him very early. Bless his heart he did it !!
We had to take #2 son to another babysitter. It was hard going to 2 different places each  morning and evening to pick up both boys.
Unfortunately Wee Folks closed shortly after this photo was taken and we did find a place to move both boys. It was a daycare in Biltmore Baptist church. I had to drive past where I worked to get them there but it was easier than going to two different places.
I love the memories these old photos bring back to mind.
Praying tonight for safe travel for daughter as she comes back home from Greensboro tonight.
Thanking God for His many blessings of today as well as the thirst quenching rain.
Good Night and God Bless.

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