Thursday, September 12, 2013


Uggggg!!!! Morning came really early for me today as I had a hard time going to sleep last night. It was either I was too tired to sleep or it might have been that chocolate icing I licked off the spoon and bowl after icing the cakes !!! Probably the latter was the problem I'm sure.
Hubbie was off again today to help #1 son hopefully finish the flooring job so he helped me load and followed me to market to help unload. #1 son was hauling all the old carpet and pad to the dump this morning before they started working.
I had four cakes ordered today and business was better than I expected so I will be baking more tomorrow than I expected to have too.
After lunch I had a very nice surprise as a little old lady came up to my table with a plastic bag full of old handkerchiefs and embroidered doilies and dresser scarves. She asked if I would have a use for these as she didn't do any crafts any more. I thanked her and she vanished down the isle before I had a chance to open the bag.
All these things are so pretty and some appear to be very old.
And tucked away in the middle of all the cloths were these instructions for "Dream Pillows". It's always nice to find a little surprise you weren't expecting.
Sounds like a great project for me and some of these little embroidered pieces are perfect size for dream pillows !
I left market and ran errands along with a couple Avon deliveries on the way home.
Got home just after 4:00 and hubbie and #1 son were just finishing the floor job at son's house.
We unloaded the van and then watched the news while we had fresh okra from our garden with some of the last tomatoes we are expecting to harvest.
After chores I sat out in the sunroom to read a new magazine while waiting for darkness and couldn't keep my eyes open so I got up and walked until the mosquitoes zeroed in on me.
I am headed to bed for an extra early bedtime tonight at 9:30.
Thankful for the glory of my Heavenly Father that shines on me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Bless your heart. You need to get enough sleep... I hate it when I can't sleep.. It makes me groggy all the next day...

What a neat new project you have.... Sounds fabulous.. That was a very nice lady..

Rain went all around us twice today--but nothing here. We need RAIN. At least though, it's gonna be cooler tomorrow... Our low tomorrow night is in the 40's. I'll be happy for that.


Sandy said...

Sleep is something we women don't get much of as we get older. Why is that? My doctor and I have come to the conclusion it has to deal with hormones or (My) husband snoring loudly, lol.....
I hope you get a good night sleep. I'm not to far from going to bed myself.

What a beautiful surprise to get a bag of beautiful cloth with special stitching and instructions on how to make dream pillows. I believe this woman knew you could make these pillows because your so creative with your cakes.

Great news, your son's place is coming along really nice with the help of family.

We had a surprise this evening rain. I believe it was the rain which flooded the Boulder Colorado area.

Sweet Dreams!

linda m said...

What a beautiful surprise you received. Can't wait for you to post the results of your new project. Sleep is something that seems to elude me these days. Maybe it is just old age or stress (I suffer from anxiety). Whichever it is I know I don't get enough sleep. May God bless you.