Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The sound of the alarm was extra early this morning as d-in-love had to go in to work early today.
G-son acted no different with the earlier wake up time.
After I dropped him off at school I came home, grabbed a microwaved egg and some micro bacon and then headed down in the lower pasture for an early morning walk.
As I walked past the "drought" rock I noticed the dirty dish water color of the creek.
I guess the waste water plant upstream discharged this morning at least there is no smell this time !!
Signs of fall are everywhere as I pick my way around walnuts that are covering the ground waiting for squirrels to pick them up.
There is still a few of the poisonous Ragwort flowering around the pasture.
Fortunately this stuff taste so bad animals won't eat it.
Polk berries are a big part of the birds diets right now.
Thistles are ready to spread their seeds with each puff of wind or any unsuspecting animal or human that gets close enough for them to latch on.
Bittersweet  berries are still green.
The Persimmons are orange and waiting for the first frost to take the bitterness away.
After my walk the animals were ready to be fed and turned out. I didn't do this before because I didn't want the dogs to follow me around the bottom pasture.Ever since the neighbor's dogs came over here  and attacked the cattle I don't want to take a chance of the dogs getting use to going down there on their own.
I did laundry and house cleaning all morning.
I iced the chocolate cakes before lunch so they will be ready to wrap this afternoon.
With the cloudy cool day outside I looked for some inside duties for the afternoon. I went through all my photos to find September decade pics.
After I picked up g-son and got him settled in with his regular mac and cheese and chocolate milk I got everything put away for another month.
D-in-love came after g-son as #1 son is returning one of the trailers he borrowed to move in.
After chores I took care of little Evy while her dad and hubbie checked out the Wild Cherry leaves that are still down in the pasture. They decided to keep the cattle up here and bring in another bale of hay so they can clean up the limbs and burn most of the leaves.
Rebekah is working tonight.
#1 son came up after another load of their things from the basement.
Talked to daughter tonight and they won both their volleyball games at Brevard tonight.
Grateful to God for the beautiful changes in nature that welcome in the new season and for His majestical touch.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Glad you are getting some Fall too. My blog post today features some of our Fall so far. Today was quite cool. I had on long sleeves all day... LOVE IT.

The Chimney Sweep came yesterday and got our fireplace and chimney all ready for winter!!!

We are getting our deck stained --so are hoping for another day of no rain!!!!