Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Brrrrr!!! The cold front has definitely moved through our area leaving some cool morning air behind it.
After getting g-son to school and getting all my regular morning duties finished I baked cakes. 32 layers for caramel and chocolate cakes along with 2 pound and 2 wine cakes before lunch.
After lunch I worked on my blog book a little while the clouds gradually  broke up and allowed the sun to shine for the first time today.
I got to get a few minutes of vitamin D before it was time to go pick up g-son. With the long line of cars at school I left early at 2:45,arrived at school about 2:52 and the line was already this long !
Oh my ! I finally picked him up at 3:20 so I will fix me a crocheting bag so I will have something to pass the time with while I wait.
We stopped by our favorite apple house for some more Honeycrisp apples and of course g-son had to have his favorite apple do-nuts.
They have a new decoration this year and he had to have a pic made sitting in the gorilla's hand.

He is happier with school now and is getting excited about learning new things. We practice spelling words each morning on the way to school.
When we got home little Evy's mom brought her up so she could pack some more.
She wasn't in as good a mood as yesterday but we didn't go outside and this little girl loves the outside. She did sit in her walker for a while at the sunroom door to watch the dogs and birds in the back yard.
D-in-love came in and played with her until Rebekah came in to get her. #1 son went to Lake Lure to pick up a trailer.
After everyone left hubbie and I finished chores and took a nice break out in the covered patio. We got about 30 minutes out there until the mosquitoes moved in on us and ran us inside.
He went to help #1 son with some packing and I iced my cakes then did weekly paperwork and payed bills. Hubbie came in at 10:00 with another load to store in our basement.
I now have this wall decoration down there.
This is a deer #1 son shot a couple years ago and had mounted.

I must have forgotten how busy Wednesday nights are when I was taking that break this evening as it was after midnight before I finished everything I needed to get ready for market tomorrow.  So this post as you might have already guessed is being written between customers at market on Thursday.
Grateful again to my loving Lord for the strength He blesses me with each day.
God Bless.

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