Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Summer has finally arrived !!!  As the morning heats up early these cows have the right idea to cool off.
#1 son is off work today to start putting the laminate flooring down in his house. He already had carpet cut up this morning when I went down on my walk.
I spent the morning doing laundry and housework in the nice cool house. By lunch time the temperature was in the mid eighties. I think this is the record for the summer of days in a row without any rain.
After lunch I worked on some odd jobs around the house and then went outside to relax for a few minutes before picking up g-son from school.  I crocheted another top on a towel while I waited in line again today.
G-son didn't feel well when he got in the van, I think his allergies are bothering him or he may be catching a cold.
He ate everything that wasn't nailed down when we got home and seemed to feel much better. We practiced his spelling words then I let him relax and watch TV.
I sewed 2 of the small bonnets I had cut out together this evening while waiting on hubbie to get home from work.
Hubbie came in and he went down to help son with his flooring.
G-son and I walked down when his mom came home to see what it looked like. They only had the first row down and were having to do a lot of measuring and cutting. G-son wanted to come back with me until it was time for his bath and homework.
After I finished my chores I relaxed in the sunroom to watch darkness come. This is an interesting cloud on the horizon as the sun went down this evening.
I see a large buffalo lifting it's head to bawl . What do you see ???
Other news around today is these twin calves who were born in the "moo" ternity ward out at the Mountain State Fair that is going on this week.
Little Jersey calves are sooooo cute. I remember my Jersey milk cow that looked exactly like this mama cow.
Life around here is settling into a new routine for the welcoming of the coming fall and winter months. Seems everything sighs a weary sigh around this time of year and things just get slower and more relaxed.  Fall is my favorite season.
Grateful for the love and blessings of my Heavenly Father tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hot and muggy here too, Marilyn. We just said today that summer is here. YUK... We are SO dry also---and are watering our yard now... There are some touches of Fall colors around --but that may be because it has been so dry up here the past 3-4 weeks.

Cute little calves...


linda m said...

Very hot and muggy here also. Fall is starting to show itself around here. Those calves are so cute. Blessings

Gail said...

We are dry and hot but not anywhere near the disaster of last September. We need rain but still have green.

It is exciting getting all your children in houses close by.

Love those bonnets.