Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today was one of those days that was like my dad used to say, "just when you think you have the tiger by the tail, he turns around and bites you".
Getting up this morning with a day already full of plans of baking and yardwork I got a big surprise.
Hubbie who took today off work to help #1 son with his flooring went down to get the paper to read while we ate our breakfast came back in with news of a large Wild Cherry tree that had split and part of it had fallen into the lower pasture.
Wild Cherry leaves when wilted are very dangerous to livestock and there is no antidote to their poisoning so hubbie and I spent the morning removing all the limbs from the pasture.

We used them to fill the hole that was washed out from the last flood out of the reach of the cattle and horse. This is what we left after about two hours of work.
As the sun came out hot and we knew we hadn't gotten all the leaves up that were mixed with the grass and other leaves from the Birch tree that was broken when it was hit by the falling Cherry tree Aaron came in and he and hubbie moved the cattle and horse to the upper pasture for a few days to eliminate the chance of poisoning.
We had lunch then hubbie went down and spent the afternoon helping son with his floor.
I baked my cakes, 22 layers, a pound cake and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
I just took the last ones from the oven when it was time to head over to school to get g-son. I had to go to Ingles for some frozen coconut for a special order coconut cake. G-son is so good about going along with anything I have to do.
He was hungry when we got home and had his normal mac and cheese and Texas toast for his after school snack.
While he ate I did weekly paperwork and payed bills.
His mom came after him to get ready to go to church. He wants to go to church and that makes me so glad.
I did chores and put buttons on the three towels I crocheted in the car rider line this week so far and tagged the two little bonnets I made this week, getting them ready to go out on my market table for sale tomorrow.
Aaron and Rebekah brought a roll of hay up for the livestock this evening and I got to see little Evy for a few minutes.
Daughter came by for the old volleyball T-shirts I found for a celebration of the early teams tomorrow night.
D-in-love brought a load of laundry up to wash and dry as they don't have their washer and dryer in yet.
Whew !!! what a day, my legs are tired tonight as I don't think I have sat down except in the van and at my desk for a few minutes this afternoon.
Hubbie is taking another day of tomorrow in hopes he and #1 son who took the entire week off can finish the flooring tomorrow.
I iced all my cakes tonight and got my eggs ready for market by 11:30 so this has been a very looong day.
The first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic formed this morning just 3 hours shy of a new record for the latest hurricane in a season. Humberto looks to weaken in the cooler waters as it moves west and then north and isn't expected the threaten any land.
Today is the 12th anniversary of the event that changed the lives of all Americans forever.

Tonight my prayers are for the families of all the victims of 9-11-01, God bless all the brave souls that gave their lives during this horrific event in our history.

Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I always like those extra surprises. Glad you were able to move the livestock.

Sandy said...

You've been a busy person today with the tree removal, floor, baking cakes, and taking care of your grand son.

I'm prayer this hurricane down grades and stays out into the ocean.