Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A "pea soup" morning as I drove g-son to school.

It won't take the sun long to burn all this fog away.  Uhhh!!! my camera is still putting the wrong date on my pics.
Back home I did chores and had breakfast while making some phone calls. One for a hair cut appointment and one to AT&T to cancel my land line phone because it is not working again. I got transferred to several people when I told them the reason I was canceling was because  apparently my phone could not be fixed and stay fixed for more than a few days at a time. I must have got pretty high up the ladder as the last man I spoke with told me there would be a repair man here within the hour. And he was !!  He worked at fixing this same problem for over two hours and now the phone works clearly so we will see how long it last this time.
I spent the morning doing laundry and housecleaning finishing just before lunch time.
Rebekah and Evy came down after lunch to use my internet for some forms she needed and I got to spend some time playing with little Evy. she is so sweet !!!
I went after g-son and we stopped by the Dollar General store for some cleaning supplies on the way home and of course he got a new toy.
He was a little ill this afternoon because his teacher had taken a necklace from him that had some fund raiser monkeys on it. He said she put it on her desk because he was playing with it during classtime.
After his dad picked him up I did the evening chores and sat outside in the sunroom to relax for a while.
Back in September 1993 there wasn't much relaxing time going on with a  3rd grader, a 5th grader and a 6th grader .
Daughter was the 3rd grader, her teacher's name was Mrs. Whitesides.
#2 son was in 5th grade that year, his teacher was Mrs. Awry.
#1 son was in the first 6th grade class that went into the new middle school that opened that year called Apple Valley Middle School. He had several teachers as they changed classes for each subject.
For some reason I do not have his class picture for that year but I do have his football pics for that year. He was in his second year of youth football.
This was his team and coaches.
Wow, 20 years ago ??!!

I am very thankful that the Lord allowed me to enjoy all those years with all the activities and also guided me to teach all my kids to love the Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Our kids sure grow up so fast. Time just flies.

linda m said...

What lovely children you have. They sure do grow up fast though. My son will celebrate his 44th birthday this month. Gosh , I can't believe it was that long ago that I welcomed him into this world. Blessings