Sunday, September 1, 2013


A pretty normal Sunday started the month of September off this morning. There was a little extra care dressing for church because right after the service we are having our families pictures made for the new church directory.
This is the only time I get our whole family together for a photo so it is a special occasion.
The pics were very good. D-in-love is one of the committee to organize the new directory so she had to stay for the afternoon as other folks had their pics taken.
The rest of us came home for a lunch of beef stew that was simmering in the crock pot and some biscuits that hubbie made early this morning. By 2:00 it all tasted extra good !!  #1 son took d-in-love a bowl full up to church for her lunch.
Just as we finished eating the storm started with thunder,lightening,high wind, heavy rain and even some pea sized hail stones mixed in. Whew for about 30 minutes we watched the pouring rain.
After the storm passed and #1 & #2 son, daughter and g-son left hubbie and I went outsdie to survey the damage.
The garden is flooded again !!
There was quite a bit of water in the bottom pasture.
But the skies look like they were clearing.
Hubbie and I went about our chores and got all the animals fed before we again heard thunder.
Once again we watched a storm heading straight for us but fortunately this one glanced off us just to the north of our area. With only and inch and half in the rain gauge from both storms we didn't think anything about flooding until we kept hearing the chatter on the scanner from the local fire department about water on roads to the north of us. Hubbie decided to go call the cattle into the upper pasture just to be safe and in case more rain storms came overnight.
I think there might have been some devine intervention there  after what happened over the next few hours !
With the sun shining here we watched the creek fill to bank full and began to spill out.

Both these photos were of the water rushing out of the overfull creek banks into our bottom pastures.
We watched as the water filled the bottom and spilled across the highway.
Of course #1 son got called out with the emergency DOT  crew to clean up mud slides, get fallen trees out of the roads and put out high water signs.
Until they could get to our road with closed signs the fire department blocked traffic.
I have seen this creek flood here from rain that has fallen upstream but I can't remember when the flooding was this bad.
As darkness fell the water was still rising, I can't imagine what the total inches of rain was that fell upstream from our area but it must have been an extremely large amount.
As fog settles over the surrounding mountain tops on this first day of September it can surely be said that September came in like a very wet lion !!!

I'm glad I can rest in the peaceful secure love that God is in control.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Stay safe.

linda m said...

We had that storm on Sunday evening and then again last night. Please stay safe. May God keep you and your family safe.