Saturday, August 31, 2013


Okay my most disliked market day of the year has arrived !!  Up an hour earlier than usual and out to do chores. The animals sleepily looked at me as if to say " leave us alone and let us sleep" !!
Hubbie and I arrived at market at 8am instead of the usual 9:30. The parking lot was already filling up. Daughter had gone to the black berry patch at 7am to pick before she gets here. I sold briskly as most regular customers were here early to beat the crowds. Daughter got to market with her berries and baked goods at 10am.  She had a line form as soon as she walked through the doors with those huge berries.
She was sold out of the 7 gallons she picked in less than 2 hours.
Hubbie left to come home and mow the lawn before the predicted higher chances of rain for the next couple days. Today is beautiful but hot with high's reaching 90+ here on the streets of downtown.
I saw many really exhausted,sweating folks come back from the main street festival.
This is the 67th year of this festival.

There is plenty of the main item for sale at the booths up town along with about anything you can think of that can be made from apples.
After hearing all the complaints from folks coming back from the street about hour hot and crowded it was it made me even more sure that I wasn't going to go up to the street today.
Kaitlyn,my adopted daughter from when she was daughter's little sister came by and brought daughter and me some french fried apples back from her trip down the street. She is back to UNC @ Greensboro on Monday.
This is a pic from the newspaper site of the street earlier today, I can only imagine it later in the day.
I sold completely out of all my baked goods. Daughter only had just a few of her breads left so we loaded and made our way out of town.
As I left market I noticed some really scary looking clouds looking like they were headed for town.
As I made my way toward home stopping at Aldi to pick up a few baking supplies for next week the clouds had almost caught up with me and the lightening strikes were ominous looking as they flashed to the ground. I was going to stop at Ingles for some things for our Sunday lunch tomorrow, but changed my mind as the wind and rain began to pelt large drops sideways as I drove.
When I got home the rain was catching up to me quickly as hubbie and I hurriedly unloaded the van and got inside.
We had a snack and watched the rain for awhile. As we watched the radar on TV the worst of the storm passed to the west and south of our area. Which meant it went right through the middle of downtown and the festival. I only hope that the vendors had their tents tied down good !!
The storm passed through and the sun came back out making it feel like a sauna outside. I went back to Ingles for my groceries and then relaxed for the evening.
Hubbie grilled us a couple steaks tonight to have with some fresh green beans I bought from a neighbor today.
A good way to end a very busy month.
As August comes to an end I look back over the month and think how different this year's August has been. The month of August is usually my biggest food preserving month but this year with all the rain practically washing out our garden I have only a few frozen blackberries to show in the food storage category.
Curb Market business has been very good this month even with the rain falling almost everyday at some time. 
I got visits from newly found cousins and blog followers from out of state on two different occasions.
#1 son bought #2 son's house this month and he plans on moving his family in in the coming weeks.This is good for hubbie and I so at least one of the three kids will still be close.
We spent some time this month helping daughter prepare her classroom for her high school teaching debut.
#2 son has decided to buy a house instead of building on the lot he bought after a couple builders gave him estimates of what the house he wants would cost to build.
G-son began his first grade year of school with teacher, Mrs. Dalton. He isn't as eager to get to school this year as he was last year but it has gotten better with each day so far.
Hatching chicks, Dolly the poodle with a bad reaction to flea meds,dog attacks on cattle, extra kids to watch, birthday party for a great nephew, nursery duty and other extra church services, stormy days and nights with lots of mud plus getting into a new schedule for the upcoming school year mixed in with all the other things that happened in August 2013 have made for a very busy, no time to slow down month.  My life is full right now and I love it as time ticks on down with each second,minute,hour,day, week and month of this year. I notice each day grows a bit shorter than the day before as I shut up my chickens each evening after they go to roost in their houses. Only 4 more months in this year. Where does time go ???? 
I will end this month with this thought .......
Good Night and God Bless.

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