Thursday, August 29, 2013


After getting g-son to school I hurried through chores and made it to market a few minutes early. There was no crowd of customers there even though this is the Thursday before Apple Festival weekend.
I had a pretty good day but I am wondering what Saturday will be like with the slow sales of today and the comments from many folks who say they wouldn't dare come into town on Saturday.
I worked on making towel angels today, getting 14 angels finished and ready for sale.
I had these apple towels that really made pretty angels.
Seems everything was turning up apples today, even me with my apple vest for the occasion.
It was very warm in the un- air conditioned market today and when I looked at the thermometer in the van afterward I knew why.
So much for complaining about not having any summer this year !!!!
I ran errands, picked up baking supplies and hurried home in the heat. I unloaded the van and was putting the last of the groceries away when hubbie got home at 5:00.
We both took a break in the cool house to watch the news on TV before chore time.
Daughter's volleyball team is playing a cross county rival tonight at home but I am so wilted I won't make it to the game.
I was glad I didn't go later when she called and said it was really hot in the gym. Her JV team won but the varsity lost.
She didn't leave the gym until 9:00 tonight to make for a really long day.
I have spent the evening relaxing. Earlier I took Bernie and Dolly to sit outside but the mosquitoes quickly zeroed in on us and we came into the sunroom,turned the fan on and watched darkness fall in there.
Grateful for a loving Lord tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi, We had dinner tonight with Dad Adams to celebrate his 101st birthday.... He ate well--including a Brownie and Ice Cream...

The heat came here today also. We turned on our AC in the home this morning for the first time this summer... Supposed to stay hot all next week I think. Guess summer is not finished with us yet. Darn!!!! ha

Your daughter must have tons of energy.. Oh how nice it would be to be that young again... ha

Stay COOL.

Gail said...

We have been warming up here, too.

May your weekend be a success.

linda m said...

It has been very warm and humid here all week. I love your pretty aprons. Do you ever make the full length (upper and lower) kind? That is all I wear because it helps keep my chest as well as my lap clean. Have a great weekend. God's blessings to you.