Saturday, August 10, 2013


Woke by the ringing phone at 6:30 this morning as daughter brought her blackberries and baked goods by on her way to take the volleyball team to King's Mountain,NC for a tournament.
Hubbie is going to sell for her today.
She is now officially the JV volley ball coach and assistant varsity coach as the girl who was helping with this took another job in another county last week. She had rather just coach basketball but most of the same girls play volleyball so she has always helped out some. Now it will be full time coaching for her from July until March,whew !!
Hubbie and I got to market a bit early and one of the neighbor's helped get us both set up. The high humidity of the morning is making us all sweat early today. I knew we would have some really bad storms and I was right as shortly after hubbie ran down to Hot Dog World for our lunch the storm started. Terrible lightening and thunder with pouring rain.
As you can see by this picture my van and hubbie's truck were some of the lone vehicles in the lot after the rains started. In town when it rains very hard it doesn't take long to turn the asphalt parking lots into lakes. We had to wade through the water to get loaded,we got soaked.
Thankfully as we got closer to home to rains slacked and it didn't look like it rained that hard here but it did leave  1/3rd  of an inch in the rain gauge.

It was a relaxing rainy afternoon for us and I thought it would be a good day of reflection to catch up my decade pics.
I didn't find any August 1963 pictures. I had just turned 9 years old on July 31 and started 4th grade in that August. I had a teacher named Mrs. Edna Pryor who was one of my cousins. I don't remember too much about school back then so it must have been okay !!
In August 1973 I didn't find any photos either. I had just turned 19 that July and  had just taken a job at Ball Brothers inspecting glass jars. I worked swing shifts and worked through all weekends. I stayed in this job for 6 years before the shift work caught up with me and had to get a daytime job.
I still lived at home with my parents at that time.
Fast forward the next 10 years to August 1983 and there were plenty of pictures !!! At 29 years old I had been married almost 4 years and had 2 little boys, ages 22 months and 5 months of age.
We loved camping at the lake and hubbie's brother's family routinely went with us on our weekend trips. Niece Holly brought her best friend along on the trips.
 Niece Holly with #2 son.
Nephew Aaron and #1 son.
 Hubbie and #2 son and that sweet smile he had.
 #1 son and nephew had a lot of fun together on these trips.
 All three of the older cousins under the watchful eye of sis-in-law  Sandy. It was nice of Holly to let #1 son ride her pink hot wheel while she scooted along on his little bee !!!
Brother-in-law Marty takes his turn watching the kids.
 In that year August wasn't all fun and games as we were building our first home. #2 son spent many hours in this bouncy seat and a wind-up swing we had while hubbie and I did all the inside work on the house.
 Hubbie holds both boys in front of the house. We didn't have a deck yet so we couldn't use this door.

 My aunt and uncle from Michigan payed us a visit that month and uncle Bob helped on the house while he was here. This is my mom and her sister Aunt Carol together in front of her house.
 Life was busy back then but like I've said before seemed much simpler.
The sun finally peeked out here around 4:30 this afternoon to steam things up for sure in the 83 degree temp.
After chores and having some fresh greasy beans and okra for supper hubbie and I  went to Sam's Club. While we were in there the rain started again and poured with thunder and lightening very close over head.
We only live a couple miles from Sam's so we figured we were getting our soaker for the day.
We finished our shopping about the same time as the rain slacked so we didn't get too wet getting to the car and when we got home it had only rained about another 1/2 inch more.
I sat out in the sunroom with my 4-legged kids and listened to the raindrops on the metal roof while darkness took over.
A nice relaxing way to end another busy week.
Thanking God for being beside me today and giving me strength.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

My g.daughter plays volleyball and basketball too, and I was able to go see her play in a 'play day tournament' yesterday, so I know what you mean when you say your daughter will be busy til next March! Have a blessed Sunday.

linda m said...

You sure are getting more than your share of rain. Those are some very sweet photos. The "wind-up swing" was my life saver when my son was little. I find sitting in a quiet room listening to the rain on the roof very relaxing. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, I'm back after a big birthday week. Trying to catch up a little on my blogging.

Crazy weather we all have been having... Yesterday --some areas around us got TONS of rain --and we got almost none... Supposed to be hit and miss for the next several days.

That is neat that one of your sons is buying the other son's home. I know you are glad to keep them nearby...