Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The trip to school early each morning is getting closer to sunrise with each day. It is fun to watch how much lower the sun is in the sky each day as the days get shorter and shorter. With fog every morning I hope the old wives tale about fog in August means snow in winter doesn't pan out this year.
After chores ,breakfast and devotions I took a short walk to help give me some extra energy for this busy day.
My Sedum is starting to get it's lovely fall red coloring.
We used to have a row of Lumbardi (not sure of spelling) Poplar trees along side the drive up to the barn. They all died except two and these guys are always the first trees around to drop their leaves. Actually they look for excuses to drop their leaves. Last year it was the drought and this year I can't tell if they are dropping them for an early fall season or if they are dropping because of all the rain. Who knows but it is making it look like fall is on its way around here !!

I baked 34 cake layers, 3 pound and 2 wine cakes before lunch.
I changed out my furniture covers in the living room and washed and hung the old ones out on the line to dry in the nice sunshine.  A few passing clouds made me a little nervous about leaving them out while I went to pick up g-son but we got no rain today. That makes the 6th day in a row this summer we have not had any rain for the longest span for the season.
The car rider line was extra long again today for some reason and when I talked to g-son he said he wanted to be picked up earlier, so next week I'll have to come up with a better time. #1 son is working the night shift tonight to get some work done on the interstate so he is off the next two days and will pick him up.
While he had his after school mac and cheese and Texas toast with bacon on the side with cookies for dessert I did weekly paperwork and paid bills.
#1 son is taking a nap between when he got off work for the day and when he has to go back for the night shift and d-in-love is going to church early to practice music so g-son will go with us to the "Unplugged" service tonight.
I don't usually get to these because Wednesdays are so busy but Rebecca is singing tonight and I want to be there to hear her.
I will surely say the rushed afternoon and evening before church were well worth it as I got chill bumps when she  and another young woman sang the songs they sang. They were so beautiful and touching. I'm sure that won't be the last time she will be asked to sing !!!
G-son came back home with hubbie and me to get his bath while d-in-love did some church directory work.
He got in the tub while I got out all my icing stuff and got started icing 12 caramel and 5 chocolate cakes for tomorrow at market.
With the Apple Festival in town tomorrow will probably be busy with folks getting the things they need for the weekend so they don't have to fight the crowds and parking problems of the festival.
I wish there was another location for the festival because the crowd on the narrow street is so thick it is hard to see the items the vendor's have offered for sale in most of the booths.
It is almost midnight and I am finally ready to get a relaxing bath and go to bed. I'm kind of looking forward to the slow-down in my business that always comes after Labor Day. I can pat myself on the back and congratulate myself on making it through another busy season. There will be busy spurts in October with the leaf color and before the holidays but not the extended business of the last couple months.
Thanking God for a wonderful day and the blessings of such talented young women who sang tonight in church to honor His name.
Good Night and God Bless.

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