Thursday, August 22, 2013


Had a helper this morning to get ready for market as g-son is here today. His other g-pa is dealing with a kidney stone and other g-ma has her hands full today with business at their restaurant.
Daughter brought her things by on her way to school. Her new job out at the high school will make it handy for her to run by here before and after school is she needs to drop off or pick up things.
I even had time to cut fresh herbs this morning with the dew still on them to take to sell. I cut some peppermint, spearmint and dill to go along with a huge bunch of basil. The van smelled so good on the drive to market !!!
G-son was a great help getting things into market and behaved so well all day. He met a new friend named Tanner who also brought his laptop to play games on while his grandmother sold vegetables at market. They both are serious gamers !!!
I laughed when I noticed that "Spiderman" was guarding g-son !!!

I had a pretty good day and also had a very nice surprise. Some of my blog readers came through and introduced themselves to me. Two sisters and one of their husbands who live in the panhandle area of Florida said they have been reading my blog for several years now. What an honor !!
This is one of the sisters with me. Wish I had gotten a pic of all three of them !
Thanks to these really nice folks for their interest in my blog post.  I love that this blog has allowed me to meet some folks that I would never have known without it.
One of the neighbor vendors had a basket of acorn squash and she gave me a great deal them if I bought all of them. I will love these cut in half baked with butter and brown sugar with a sprinkle of cinnamon in them this winter, yum yum.
After market g-son and I ran errands, picked up baking supplies,delivered an Avon order and went to his favorite place Walmart for a nice back to school surprise. Of course he chose another box of legos, this time a Spongebob set. It was almost 5:00 so he got a happy meal in the Mcdonalds there for supper.
Hubbie helped us unload and then hubbie and I had our supper while we watched the news and g-son played with the new legos.
He didn't want to go home when his dad came because he wasn't finished building the pirate ship !
Tomorrow is always another day, but to a six year old tomorrow must be light years away !!!
After evening chores I caught up my blog and talked to #2 son and daughter.
#2 son got the estimate on his house construction and it is way higher than we thought, at $319,000 it is not an option so he is back to the drawing board on what to do.
Daughter called on her way back from her teams first volleyball game at Reynolds high school in Buncombe county. Both her teams won tonight against a much larger high school so they are off to a good start.
A nice day with clouds and rain threatening several times but not a drop where I was. It is feeling more like summer with an 85 degree temperature today.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

That is the way we prepare our acorn squash too.

I know your son's dream will come true. It may have to come together a piece at a time.

Betsy Adams said...

Isn't it nice to meet new blog friends? One of these days we'll surprise you at the market too ---if we can ever work it out when we are nearby......

Your daughter is one busy gal. I'm so glad that she is such a great role model for teens at her school... We need more people like her.

House construction can get expensive. I'm sure your son will work something out.


linda m said...

I love corn squash and prepare it the same way you do. I have "met" so many nice people through their blogs. Someday if I ever get in your area I would love to meet you in person. Have a great day. Blessings