Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Well guess what ???  It's raining again this morning !!! Got g-son to school in just a light sprinkle and hurried through a stop at the Dollar General for an extra gallon of milk for all my cake baking and icings today. I made it home and got all the chores done without a raincoat before the sky opened up and it poured for more than 2 hours. I heard no thunder or saw any lightening it just plain poured the rain. I watched the bottom pastures fill with water as there is no more room in the ground to absorb any more water.
Thankfully just after lunch it slacked some and started to move on to the east and south of our area leaving over a 2" in the gauge.

The areas just south of us in Henderson county really got slammed with over 7" in four hours to produce flooding along the Green River where it doesn't normally flood.

Our creek was licking the bank tops but didn't get out, yet anyway !!! We stayed under a flood warning all day and into the night.

I spent the rainy morning in the kitchen icing 12 caramel cakes and making 6 pound cakes. The orders are piling up for tomorrow already so hopefully I won't run out of anything.
Daughter picked up g-son from school and brought him here, he had lunch and then we went for a walk outside in the cloudy but no rain at the moment weather. A cool 73 degree temperature felt nice as we walked and enjoyed the blooms on some of the late summer plants. I was using a flash on these pics so that is why it might look like the sun is shining.
Of course we have all colors of Butterfly bushes around the yard who are frequented by many butterflies.

This Rose of Sharon bloom is a favorite of mine. This one is in a pot but will be moved shortly to a permanent spot I have picked out for it.

Morning Glories abound this time of year and we have many different colors.

My potted beauties that are blooming now are this Crown of Thorns.

With it's "drop of blood" little blooms.

And this Dianthus is so sweet smelling.

This pot of Sedum is getting ready to put on a fall color show of it's own.

This bed of Oregano has really enjoyed the rain !!
Hubbie tilled the garden just in time before all this rain because it will be quite some time before the ground dries out now for sure.

After our refreshing walk I headed back to the kitchen for more caramel cake icing and g-son headed to his lego projects.
Aftet his dad picked him up I tackled July monthly paperwork to get that month in the books. It was a pretty good month considering the weeks vacation we took.
After I finished this weeks paperwork and payed bills it was time to do chores a little early to get ready for little Evy who is coming for a while this evening while mom and dad both work.
She is getting so big and does so many new things each time I see her. I was picking at her tonight and getting her to talk and she said "mama" just plainly and then just smiled. It was so sweet.
After her dad picked her up I finished my icings and then got everything ready for market.
So for we haven't had any more rain and hopefully the overnight won't bring more flooding for anyone.
With this forecast for the next 7 days we surely are going to keep up our water supply.
 Thankful for the blessings of beauty even on a rainy day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

I wondered if you had had flooding. We were in Spruce Pine, NC (cabin there) on Tues/Wed... We hiked yesterday --and it rained cats and dogs all day long... Saw a couple of great waterfalls though --and did five miles total... BUT---were we really really wet!!!!!!! ha ha

Home now.... Didn't have too much rain coming home --but have had 2 inches here at home this week.