Monday, August 12, 2013


Hubbie is back on his Monday's off starting today so he got up and took g-son to his discovery workshop at school.
After chores and breakfast we both worked outside all morning. He weedeated and I pulled weeds from around the house and cleaned and swept off all the porches and patios. I sweated gallons out in the muggy heat.
I went and picked up g-son and his friend Nic that is staying with me today while his g-ma is out of town. Today I had two ravenously hungry boys.
After lunch while they played and watched TV in the air-conditioned house hubbie and I sweated outside moving an old sandbox that g-son doesn't play in anymore from the back yard.
We will use it as a raised bed in another location next spring.
Hubbie jumped on the lawn mower to try and beat the storm that looks like it is coming. He almost got our entire lawn finished before the wind,thunder and lightening moved in and he had to head for the shed.
Thankfully we missed the worst of the storm which hit the Mills River area of the county really hard. They surely didn't need any more rain either as they have had over 60 inches so far this year.
We only got 1/2 inch this afternoon before the storm passed on to the north and east of us.
The boys were very good all day and didn't have even one argument.
These two have been friends since they were born. They are only a little over a month different in age and have a lot in common, like super heroes !!!!
While the storm passed #1 son came home and stayed so g-son could stay and play until Nic's mom came after him.
Hubbie and I did the evening chores and had a light supper. I worked on getting the last pictures I had printed into albums tonight and now I'm ready for June and July to be printed.
Thankful tonight that we were spared the storms today and asking God's grace for tomorrow in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Pretty humid here today --although a shower at noon cooled things down temporarily....

Nice that your grandson and Nic are good friends... Looks like you fed them well!!!!

When does school start there? Ours here have started already. Crazy!!!! Summer seemed so fast this year.


linda m said...

Glad that g-son had his best friend over to play with him. I can't believe all the rain that your area is getting - at least you were spared this time around. Our nights have been getting cooler already and I have seen some leaves turning colors - seems way to zoo. Sure hope this doesn't mean we'll have an early winter. God bless you.

linda eller said...

It is always good to have a buddy to play with. Fall is in the air.

Claudia J. Dalton said...

Thank you So Much for keeping him today.

Yes these boys could eat ALL DAY LONG ... can't imagine how it's going to be when they're teens :/ I'm scared, may be I should put a lock on my pantry and fridge :)

So grateful for you and your family's help.