Tuesday, August 27, 2013


After getting g-son to school I did chores and had an early breakfast so I would be ready when the couple from Asheville came after the 7 roosters I have.
They have a large field and a chicken tractor so they are going to let the roosters clean the weeds and grass from the field this fall and then have them for part of their winter meat supply.
I changed the rooster that I had chosen from this year's hatch to be the new head man around here from the silkie lot to the big hen lot. Of course the older hens were quick to put him in his place.
But with his size it won't take him long to take charge.
I wanted to get the job I started yesterday outside finished this morning before I started inside housework. This is the well house and my rose bed beside it in a before pic.
And this is the after I was finished carting off all the vines and over hanging butterfly bush limbs.
My morning consisted of 3 loads of laundry, housecleaning and some decor changes. September begins with Labor Day which around here means the annual Apple Festival. So my September decor of course would consist of apples.
And more apples .........

I only got the sunroom done and one shelf started in the living room before the bright warm sunshine called my name so loudly I had to spend 30 minutes soaking some of it up before it was time to pick up g-son.
He was in a better mood today but said he still didn't like school this year. It had something to do with not getting to have recess I'm sure !!!
We went to Grand-dads apple house for apple do-nuts on the way home. He was ravenously hungry again and ate pizza plus 2 do-nuts.
His dad went to check his deer hunting spot and his mom went shopping after work so he stayed here until almost 8:00 tonight. He played with his legos and ate more.
#2 son came by to look at houses for sale on the internet. He found one he liked and hubbie road up the road with him to check it out.  He didn't like it at all when he got to it. He found a couple more to look at tomorrow after work.
Daughter called and they won both the JV and varsity volleyball games today so she was happy. Her second day teaching went well also.
I did some sewing this evening ,finishing nine jean aprons. Six women's sized aprons.
And three smaller ones for younger girls.
I already had these cut out so I'm glad to have them all made up and ready for sale. I have been out of this type apron for several weeks.
I was planning to do some of my baking tonight but that didn't happen. It's funny how when you get in a routine it is hard to break out of it. And that's what happened tonight to me, I had plenty of time to bake some after everyone left but just couldn't get in the mood to do it.
I'll be sorry tomorrow that I didn't get that done tonight but I'll only have myself to fuss at !!!!
It's hard to believe August is almost over and with it summer is fading away or , wait,  did we actually ever have summer ????   Around here that is debatable with all the rain and cooler weather it surely hasn't been a regular summertime.
The clouds rolled in again this afternoon and it looked like it would rain any minute but it didn't and we had another dry day. The temperature at 86 degrees made it feel more summery as well so maybe we are going to get a few days of summer before it actually exits for the year.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of this day and for the wonderful knowledge that He is king over all !!!
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

We haven't had much summer here either --and it's still not too hot. We have been fairly dry now for a couple of weeks so could use some rain... Not much in sight though I don't think.

Love your aprons.. So creative and cute... Hope Grandson gets used to school soon. First Grade is a big step!!!!!

Love your apple decorations. I only have "Fall Harvest" decorations --which I leave up all Fall. SO--I won't get them out until about the middle of Sept...

Hope son finds a home he likes. He hasn't had much luck in that area, has he? Did your older son and family get moved yet? Glad your daughter's teams just keep on winning.


Sandy said...

A change of schedule is a good thing, this gave you the opportunity to do something for yourself.

I love your aprons. My son cleaned out his room of clothing which no long fit him. He gave me 12 pairs of jeans, I was trying to figure out what to make with them. I was thinking hot pads and maybe aprons.

linda m said...

I love your aprons and all your apple decor. You sure were busy yesterday. I sure hope your son finds a house he likes soon. House hunting is not on my list of favorite things to do. Blessings