Friday, August 2, 2013


Thanks to Hubbie being off today I got to sleep in a little this morning until 8:00 anyway before the day's activities had to be started. G-son was having his breakfast when I got up and hubbie was getting ready to go repair some fence in the bottom pasture while still in the cool of the morning. After I did my chores I started icing cakes, I iced 12 caramel before my back started burning. When I woke up this morning I did some lower back stretching exercises and my lower back feels fine but my upper back usually hurts form too much icing cake movement. While I rested my back I went out to check on some chicks I moved this morning and to photograph the garden for this month's photo. This is a strange year for me,usually at this time I am buried with canning beans and tomatoes or making pickles and salsa but not so this year as we have yet to get any ripe tomatoes or beans from our rain soaked garden. Looks like we will soon have our first ripe tomatoes.
The peppers have done well,they must love lots of water !!
Hubbie keeps planting late vegies in hopes that the later garden will fare better than the summer garden has.
The squash and cucumbers are still producing but not like they should.
I am thankful for the produce we do get from our garden. Years ago a friend of mine said she named her garden "Grace" and was just thankful for what she got from her, so that's how I feel this year.
After lunch daughter who had finished picking blackberries came by and picked up g-son for a swim date with a friend of hers who has a boy the same age as g-son. He already had swimming trunks on ready to go.
I baked 4 pound cakes and 2 blackberry wine cakes then iced 12 more caramel cakes this afternoon.
I'm looking forward to the next couple days when I won't need to do any baking or icing !!!
Bible School commencement was tonight so hubbie and I went. This year broke attendance records for our church in Bible school with up to 121 kids there,may all the glory be to God. There were also 7 professions of faith during this week.
This is the group of kids tonight.
G-son was into the action with the songs they were singing. ( he is in the grey shirt)

After the ceremony we went to g-son's room and then down to the fellowship hall for a BBQ meal prepared by a church member who has a BBQ business. It was very good.
I caught up with some old friends and had a nice time.
Hubbie and I drove separate vehicles because he stayed and helped daughter take down the decorations from her room and I came home to ice more cakes.
I iced 8 chocolate cakes then wrapped and labeled everything along with washing eggs.
This has been a hectic week but it has been full of blessings along the way.
As these VBS'ers raise their hands in praise of our Heavenly Father I humbly thank Him for each of these young lives and pray that they keep Him in their heart as they grow up.

Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Thank God for VBS --and for the fact that kids learn about Jesus....

Hope your back gets better. It's hard to be as active as you are and have those problems. Do you need a cortisone shot in your back????

We are finally able to find some fresh veggies at the Farmers Market around here too.. It's been a late summer for veggies. Hope you all get some 'late' ones this year.


Sandy said...

You've been very busy and need a break to relax your back. Maybe a little massage and some ice may help relieve the pain.

Were looking forward to adding a few things in our garden for fall harvest. It must wait though until after next week when we return home from NM.

Your cake descriptions are making me hungry :P

linda eller said...

VBS is a blessing for the children and for the workers as they see them receive Christ. Our garden has been all but nil this year, due to the rain. Hope your back gets a rest soon.