Tuesday, August 13, 2013


After dropping g-son at school this morning I headed for a quick stop at Walmart for an extra gallon of milk and some baking supplies for some extra cake orders that have been called in this week.
The morning is very foggy so we can mark down another heavy snow for this winter !!!
Finished with chores and breakfast I started laundry and then cleaned the bathrooms, all the glass in the house and dusted the basement and cleaned the bathroom down there.
Only 2 loads of laundry this week as our summer clothes are much smaller than  cooler weather clothing.
I picked up g-son from school and hurried home to get him lunch. He was in a mellow mood today and just wanted to sit in the recliner and watch TV or lay in the floor wrapped in a blanket and watch.
Yesterday was such an active day I guess he needs to recover.
While he did his thing I went down to my sewing shop and gathered all the things needed for a sinus hot pack order I have for Saturday. These smell so good when I mix all the herbs and oils in with the rice with my bare hands. I love how my hands smell for hours !!
I mix some of my freshly dried oregano and thyme with rosemary and tea tree oil with the rice to create a very sinus clearing aroma when heated. I usually also add some freshly dried basil but this customer doesn't like the smell of basil so I leave it out of her order.
Since the hotpacks themselves are not washable I also sell them with a small case to use them in that is washable.
Here is the finished product, packaged and ready for sale.
When #1 son came in to see if g-son wanted to go with him to pick up his camera he has set up at his deer hunting stand I happened to look out the front window and see an unusually large branch in this azalea bush. Turns out it isn't a branch at all but a large blacksnake. Son took the broom out there to flip it from the bush.
We don't usually kill these guys but with this one so close to the house and knowing that he was probably trying to sneak up on one of my little feathered friends he did loose his life today.
He was about three feet long, big enough to eat eggs or small birds for sure.
Oh well you know it has been a boring day when a snake makes the biggest news of the day !!!
After dealing with this guy g-son decided to stay with me while his dad tracked down in the woods.
His mom came and picked him up after she finished some shopping.
Hubbie came in from work and went out to school to help daughter finish the painting job in her classroom. I can't believe there is only a week and a half until school starts back.  I bet there are a bunch of kids out there that can't believe it either,haha !!!
After  chores I relaxed for a nice restful evening. We had a rainy morning, adding another 1/2 inch of rain to our totals, then the sun battled clouds all afternoon finally winning out just about time to sink below the horizon, sigh !!!
Grateful for a loving Lord who loves YOU AND ME  SO MUCH  !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I'll take your boring day with the snake over some of mine any day. Don't blame you killing a snake that close to the house. Your sinus packs sound interesting. I'll have to check out those herbs.

linda eller said...

Grrrrrrr at the snake; loved the sinus packs tho! You are so creative and makes me wish I lived closer for sure.