Monday, August 26, 2013


First day of school for g-son. D-in-love is going in late to work so she can take him to school on his first day. Hubbie and I get to sleep in a little later thanks to her today. Here he is in the same spot as last year on the way to get into the car and showing off his new bookbag.

After chores hubbie worked in the yard weedeating and planting some Kale and Collards in our fall garden. I took that long walk I have been missing with all the rainy mornings this summer. This large Blue Heron appeared to be sleeping on his perch.
Iron weed blooms in the lower pasture.
Along with these Jewel Weed with the morning dew still clinging to its dainty orange and yellow slipper blossoms along the creek bank.
The cattle and horses are searching for shade already before 10am.
Unlike the majority of the time this summer the creek is flowing along leisurely with these two ducks riding in and out of the shadows as they drift along in the morning coolness.
I came back to the house and rested with a cup of hot green tea.
Talked to d-in-love and she said g-son got off to a good start this morning. This is also daughter's first day of her teaching career. Hopefully she is off to a good start also !!
After lunch I cleaned out chicken houses. My girls have clean laying and roosting quarters tonight.
Each summer when vacation time is over I usually have some baby chicks hatched from eggs that get hidden away by some of my Silkie hens while I am gone and this year was no exception. I cleaned a bigger box today for these little guys plus another trio with another lady hen when they get a little bigger.
After the chicken box cleanings I tackled some of the over grown bushes around the yard. This Forsythia is almost blocking the entrance to this storage building.
It got a nice haircut before I headed to school to pick up g-son.
I started on another rose bed and around my well house area but will finish that area tomorrow.
Off to school to pick up g-son. The first day car rider line is always extra long but today the wait was a bit ridiculous. With a new principle evidently the routine changed and took three times as long. I arrived to get in line about 3:10 and finally made it to the pick-up area at 3:35. Last year it never took longer than 3:15 to get all the kids in  their cars.

G-son was in a subdued mood on this first after school afternoon but after some mac and cheese and bacon he was okay and said he had a good day.
His dad picked him up and hubbie and I went back to our outside cleaning.
After chores tonight daughter came by to tell us how her first day went. She seemed to have had a good day and seems to really like teaching.
#1 son brought some more things to store in the basement tonight.
I am very tired tonight from all the work today. It is going to be hard to catch up with an entire summer's work before fall starts.
The temperature of 80 degrees today makes it feel more like it should for this time of year. Seems parts of the south and north have switched weather patterns this year. Some places up north are experiencing record high temps,even triple digits were the schools don't even have air conditioning because the temps are never this high up there. While here in our area we are dropping to the cool 50's during the night and only pushing 80 degrees during the day. And we are opening windows and turning our air conditioners off !!
God is good all the time, all the time God is good !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

So happy to hear g-son and your daughter both had good "first day school". Doing yard work these days wears me out. The temps around the country really have shifted. We are in the high 80's and 90's and my son (who lives in GA) has temps in the 60's and 70's. God is good, God is great. Blessings