Sunday, August 25, 2013


A very nice Sunday morning but rather cool for August at 58 degrees !  Hubbie and I took our once a quarter turn taking care of the nursery this morning during church. We had 7 toddlers and 2 babies. Another couple helped us, it was their first nursery duty.
Little Evy was one of the babies as her mom had to work last night and is working again tonight. Her dad brought her to church so mom could get some sleep.
She was entertained by the toddlers until they all gathered around her and I think she got overwhelmed.
She loved to look out the window and watch the cars pass.
After church we all came here for lunch. Evy stopped by and let mom feed her and then came here for a nice nap while her dad and the rest of us ate lunch.
The old crib I brought up from the basement this last week came in very handy for her nap.
I hope she likes the color of blue because most of my baby things are blue !! She didn't mind as she snuggled up with a stuffed hippo from g-son's collection and slept for a 1 1/2 hour nap.
We had a lunch of smoked pork chops, corn on the cob, fresh green beans,slaw and baked potatoes,yummmy. Everyone made it except #2 son who was playing golf and of course Rebecca as she was sleeping. Both got left over plates for their suppers.
When little Evy woke up she and g-son discussed the activities for the rest of their day !!!
Love her hand on g-son's arm as if to say "listen to me"  !!!
These are two really cute kids !!!  After I took these pictures she actually crawled over into his lap,it was the cutest thing ever !!!
D-in-love, daughter and I went over to my favorite apple house to get some of my favorite apples, Honeycrisp. These are the juiciest of all the apples and usually are gone shortly after the Labor Day Apple Festival.

We also picked up some of their apple do-nuts and I had an apple cider slushie.
Everyone went their own ways this afternoon.
#2 son came by to look at houses for sale on the internet. I think he has decided to buy a house instead of build on the lot he owns. He found a couple he went to drive by on his way back to his condo.
#1 son and d-in-love went to my niece's house to pick up moving boxes then home to start packing some of their things. Two more weeks and they and Aaron and Rebecca will switch houses.
Hubbie and I relaxed on this beautiful evening. The temperature stayed in the mid 70's for a more fall feeling day than summer.
And the sight  of shadows  on a late afternoon have been a rare thing to see this summer.
Four-legged kids Bernie and Dolly enjoyed the warm sunshine of the evening.
#1 son brought their dining room set and put it in the basement tonight as they begin the big move.
He cleaned out their storage shed yesterday, moving most of it to a storage shed up near the barn.
This has been a really wonderful relaxing Sunday and I praise God tonight for all the love and happiness He has put in my life.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

What a beautiful post and friends.

linda m said...

I do love relaxing Sundays. How blessed you are that you get to spend Sunday afternoons with your family. G-son and Evy look so cute together. Blessings