Sunday, August 4, 2013


Another welcome sunny morning greeted the three of us when we woke up this morning. G-son slept great last night and was up early and ready for his aunt T to pick him up for Sunday School today.
She always stops by and picks hubbie, who is her assistant teacher up and g-son is in her class this year so it made it easier for him just to go with her and hubbie to church.
I did chores and got ready to go to church myself.
Our associate pastor gave the message today as the senior pastor was doing a special service at a church in a neighboring county this morning.
Pastor Craig did a good job today and the music was really good.
The son of the cousin of hubbie's who died last year brought his family to our church this morning and sat with us. It was good to visit with them,hopefully they will start coming to church with us.
G-son and his son are the same age.
After service we had Sunday lunch with all three kids and Aaron and Rebecca with little Evy.
We had bacon wrapped pork roast, corn on the cob, green beans, potatoes, slaw and peach cobbler for dessert.
After a nice visit #1 and #2 son went to #2 son's new lot to lay out his septic and house location. The house is in a little different spot than he had hoped but it will still have a winter view.
Hubbie had a Deacon's meeting at 4:00 so I caught up on some reading while he was gone.
After chores this evening we ran over to sis-in-law Sandy's to pick up some on sale eggs she found for me. I love it when she finds these kind of deals for me.
The weather has been really nice again today with sun and  temperatures in the 70's with a pretty stiff breeze at times.
Tonight I will leave with some more Bible School pics that d-in-love made last week.
This is a photo collage she made for their classroom wall of all the kids in their first grade class.
This is daughter directing these kids in a game.
Our church has a puppet ministry and they preformed each evening at the closing ceremony. The kids loved it and so did, I think, the adults !!!
The church was full this morning , maybe some of the kids who came to Bible School brought their parents with them today. I pray that all these children felt the love of Jesus through the direction of the volunteers who helped make this year's VBS a success.
Grateful for the blessings of this day and praying for God's grace as I begin another week.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I too pray that the children that went to VBS school feel the love of Jesus. Blessings

linda eller said...

We always pray the children will learn the love of Jesus, and then their parents will want to see and hear what they did and come to church too. Hope you have a good week ahead.