Friday, August 9, 2013


Sunshine this morning but the clouds are already building all around the horizon. G-son was here at 7:00 and doesn't have his "Discovery workshop" as all schools are closed on Fridays for the summer.
Hubbie has a yearly check-up appointment this morning with our doc in Asheville at 9:30 so g-son and I did a few catch-up task this morning. One of g-son's favorite jobs is re-filling the toilet paper holders in the bathrooms. We make a game of it with me at the bottom of the stairs in the basement where all our supplies are stored and g-son at the top of the stairs. I throw the rolls up and he catches each one and runs it into the bathrooms to fill the extra roll holders. He laughs the whole time we are doing this.
I baked 18 caramel, 5 chocolate and 2 blackberry wine cakes before lunchtime. Hubbie had to stop and have lunch on the way home as he had fasted for bloodwork and was starving by the time he got out of the doctor's office.
While my last cakes were in the ovens I took time to finish these 5 baby pillows that have been waiting by my sewing machine.

We all three headed out to the high school to help daughter clean and paint her classroom. While hubbie and she painted g-son and me went through all the drawers in the 2 desk she has. The teacher who left had been there for over 10 years so she accumulated a lot of "stuff" .
G-son was such a good helper especially when we got to open the next drawer and discover what was in it !!
After about 3 hours of work we had her things all assembled and on a shelf so she can see what she has and what supplies she needs before school starts in a couple weeks. Her and hubbie got 2 of her walls finished. It is going to look really good when they get finished with a dark purple accent wall and 3 white walls.
G-son and I came home to eat supper long before the painters finished their work. His mom and dad both had errands to run today so he and I had  supper then he had caramel icing for a nice dessert while I iced cakes.
After his dad picked g-son up and hubbie came home we did chores in a sprinkle of rain. Earlier we heard thunder but the hard rains must of went around us today thankfully.
I spent the evening icing more caramel and chocolate cakes and getting ready for market.
Grateful to God for the many blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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