Monday, September 30, 2013


This last day of September truly felt like fall this morning as I would have loved to stay snuggled under the warm covers a little longer.
Hubbie took g-on to school while I did chores and had breakfast.
We made a trip to Southern States for animal feed this morning. The trip that would normally take about 15 minutes each way now takes 30 minutes due to all the road work on Howard Gap Road. It will be nice when they finish the widening and the bike path but now it is a big hassle. We didn't come back that way but rather went around which makes the 30 minute trip at least have different scenery.
Back home we spent the rest of the morning re-digging the ditch along the road. Someone at about 6am this morning according to #1 son and Aaron slid across the pile of rocks at the culvert and up the ditch filling it with dirt and grass.
After lunch Hubbie who is nursing a hurt back went up to his shop to work and I went to my sewing shop. I cut out small eyelet pillows and stuffed 6 more of the apple seat cushions to go with the 2  left at market.
When little Evy went down for her nap I took all my "boo boo bunny" making supplies over there to show Rebekah how to make them.
We worked and chatted for over an hour until it was time for me to go get g-son from school.
Hubbie rode with me to school and then g-son asked if we could go by Grand Dad's apple house for a donut.
They have their pumpkins all out now so it was a good time for my yearly pumpkin patch pic of g-son.
It amazes me at how big he is getting !!  We got do-nuts and ice cream for him and his Pawpaw and I got the last of their fried apple pies,yum yum.
Back home I read g-son's library book with him and signed a note saying we did read it.
He ate and Pawpaw rested his back on the couch so I went back to my shop to finish my pillow work. I got 21 eyelet pillows cut out with their inner cases along with stuffing the 6 seat cushions before #1 son who had to go to the doctor today came to pick up g-son.
Aaron and Rebekah came by to bring back the boo boo supplies on their way to Sam's Club.
I relaxed with my new book that I bought from the author who was signing them at Old Timey Day last Saturday. So far it is a very interesting read.
As September comes to an end tonight I reflect on a typical early fall month. The weather has been pretty normal with 70's in the day and 50's at night. We have gotten several rains and the month was welcomed in with the only flooding we saw. It has been a busy month for our family as we moved #1 son's family and Aaron and Rebekah and have helped #2 son in his search for his dream house.
I attended several fall festivities with Apple Festival, Block Blast, the Fair, Old Timey Day and such there was a lot to chose from.There was also some big news that came on Friday the 13th but I will do a later post about that next month. G-son seems to have settled into first grade nicely and is back to his old happy self most days. Daughter has also settled into her new high school teaching job and her volleyball team is doing very well,loosing only a couple games so far. She is as busy as ever with all her church activities along with everything else.
All in all this September has been a pretty normal month filled with many undeserved blessings along the way. I am looking forward to what God has in store for me in October.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I haven't had a real chance to reflect on September yet. But it has had it's ups and downs for me. I have always loved pictures of children sitting in the pumpkin patch. Reminds me of Charlie Brown. Blessings.