Friday, September 13, 2013


With #1 son on his last day off I got another morning to sleep in until 8:00. Hubbie who is also on another day off got a little longer rest also this morning as #1 son is running errands this morning before starting to put the floor trim down and move furniture into the house.
After chores hubbie started mowing the lawn and I started baking cakes. Just thought I was going to breeze through cake baking this morning when I got a call with an additional eight caramel cake order ! So much for easing through my day.
I finished baking about 1:30 and hubbie and I headed over to the estate sale to check out a band saw she has advertised.
I found nothing but a glass beaded necklace I wanted and hubbie thought the saw was over priced.
We made a couple stops at local produce stands and bought corn, green beans, squash, cucumbers, apples, peaches and plums on our way home.
Hubbie spent the afternoon helping #1 son get some of the furniture back into their house. They emptied both the trailers but some of the things went into my basement so I actually have more down there today than I did have.
G-son came after school to stay with me while all that was going on. He said he likes school now.
Little Evy came to spend the evening with us also as mom went to work and daddy was cutting hay.
I think she is going to be another little pan and bowl licker like g-son.
OH NO!!!!  That was my bite  !!!!
D-in-love came in from work and she took some really cute pics of this precious little girl. I worked up a sweat getting her to smile and laugh but it was worth it to see some of the great pics.
After both little ones went home I iced cakes and got ready for market.
This has been the first  of this years Friday the 13ths but all was well around here,with even some good news coming this evening which I will relate in a later post. The next 2013 Friday the 13th will be in December.
God is always good, always forgiving,always loving, always there for each of us if we only call on Him.
Good Night and God Bless

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Sandy said...

I was born on the 13th of June every now and then my birthday falls on a Friday. This always brings me good luck.

It sounds like the moving is getting closer to being finished.

Beautiful pictures of your grand daughter and hubby. Looks like she's going to have to fight grandpa over licking the spoon :-)