Sunday, September 15, 2013


A very cool morning greeted me as I went through the chores today.
Church was good we are studying the book of Acts. Today was the ship wreck that Paul was in when he was on his way to Rome to be imprisoned.
Lunch was delicious as Aaron brought over one  of the Boston Butts he helped cook that was left over from block blast yesterday and it was better than the one I was served yesterday.
We fixed corn ,green beans,mashed potatoes and slaw to go with it. Lunch bunch was small today with only Aaron , Rebekah, daughter and her b-friend here. #2 son is golfing and #1 son's family has gone to the fair.  They met some friends over there that have kids the same age as g-son and they all had a ball. This is all four of the friends on this ride from the right there is Aiden, G-son, Avery and Carly.
The boys paired off  for this ride as Aiden and g-son get ready for take off.
Carly and g-son take time out for some "dippin dots".
#1 son rides with Avery on the bumper cars.

 This is the last day of this year's Mountain state Fair as the sun goes down on another successful fair year.
After everyone left hubbie and I went over to the estate sale to pick up his band saw. He will need to wait until some of the boys come by to help him get it out of the back of his truck and into his shop.
We took a nice walk down around the lower pasture and I noticed the bright colors of fall are starting to dot the landscape. This Golden Rod is one of the brightest spots.
Seed pods are ready to feed the hungry birds this winter.
Brightly colored berries are part of the fall landscapes.
And of course colorful fruits hang from the branches of trees ready to be harvested.
When we got back from our walk #1 son came by to help hubbie get his saw set up and then Aaron and Rebekah came up to check their cattle.
Aaron will need to haul in some water tomorrow to water the cattle in the upper pasture as the Wild Cherry leaves are still to green for them to be turned back into the bottom. Our rain catching gutter barrels are empty for the first time this summer.
The sunset was pretty today with the passing clouds.
The moon was also out in the evening sky today as it gets nearer to being the Harvest Moon on Wednesday and Thursday when it gets full.

Each years harvest moon is the full moon closest to the Autumn equinox which is Sunday this year.  It is an early harvest moon and that might mean an early frost. The Harvest moon was named this because of it's extra bright light after sunset to help farmers continue their harvesting into the night to finish before the first frost.
Remember a day hemmed in prayer is a day less likely to unravel !!
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

What a wonderful relaxing Sunday you had. Blessings

Gail said...

Blessings abound.