Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Got a surprise this morning when I went to open the door for g-son, RAIN !!! Where did this come from on the day that is supposed to be dry following the cold front that is coming through ??
It rained all the way to school but started to slack on my way home and had totally stopped by the time I went outside to do the morning feeding chores.
There was about 1/4" in the gauge from the surprise rain shower that centered mainly on our area.
After I had breakfast the sun had won the battle and was warming up the morning quickly.
I did Tuesday laundry and housework all morning. After lunch I finished up the downstairs cleaning and folded my last load of laundry by 2:00. I went outside to enjoy the warm sunshine as I know these days are numbered with the coming of more fallish weather already later this week.
I got to spend the afternoon with little Evy while her mom packed for their house switch with #1 son's family this weekend. She is really getting to the cute stage now but is so independent.
These are two of my favorite peeps !!!
Daughter had a volleyball game this evening against East Henderson High School and they won handily in both JV and varsity games.
In this pic taken during the JV game daughter is the coach sitting in the back ground under the net in the grey shirt. So far her JV team is undefeated.

This has been a wonderfully blessed day and I give all the glory to the Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Congratulations to your daughter's team on their win. Cut picture of g-son and Evy. We had a surprise shower over the weekend. Blessings